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  1. Yes, but never on a Noevske Nowskever, Newoevske… one of them expensive, but you know way better, lowers.

  2. Its only a pony express lower cuz if it explodes im not out a shit ton of money

  3. Sarcasm fails the internet and I fail the internet cues for sarcasm. Bitch. /:

  4. Hodgdon has traditionally encouraged purchasing from their vendors. They don’t want to waste resources on staffing a shipping department to individual customers. They much prefer to send large shipments to a handful of retailers who have the infrastructure to disburse to a large number of individual customers

  5. Nice collection. Very nice where you and I know it is but what is the date code on the 91?

  6. On the edge, in the middle of the long side. Components/tools on one side, finished ammo/ammo boxes on the other.

  7. Wait you asked her for her uggs she went down? Without pumpkin spice latte? Orr before she went down? How did it go… please teach me how to get downed on with some scars and Ugg’s. I’m so lost.

  8. Off the cliff they go. Just like elections in America. Adios.

  9. Where the heck did you get that can in stock? Imma bout to go all Switzerland if I can’t get some B&T cans in stock at my wholesale price tomorrow and believe you me Karen, you don’t wanna see that.

  10. Man you hate money and eye relief. Great looking setup. Enjoy it in good health!

  11. My 30 August 2021 paper form 4 was approved on 15 September 2022, 382 days. I don't have it in hand yet, but I did call for an update on the day they approved it.

  12. Damn I was close. But wrong. Enjoy it in good health, and thanks for reporting back!

  13. Even with the cost and availability today, I ask myself the same question when I come up on an issue:

  14. Because you’re a criminal waiting to happen. And you can’t be trusted.

  15. And ONLY the container of the current powder I'm using is allowed on the bench. No other powder containers welcomed out of the cabinet. Y'all stay in there and chill

  16. Bingo. That N320 doesn’t need to be in SIGHT of the powder being used. Ask me how it happens and I won’t tell you. I’ll just say there is a pound of H4350 ‘round here that also has CFE BLK in it.

  17. Let me know if you learn how to waste less. I still can’t figure with 2 auto tricklers.

  18. It’s sunk costs at this point. It’s like sipping fine scotch, I have to slowly enjoy every trigger pull

  19. Yessir I like your attitude. It costs what it costs and we pay to play until we don’t. And you better be sipping Speyside none of that peaty Smokey shat.

  20. Cat oil. It’s good for the skin. Chapped lips.

  21. I’ll take your word for it right meow. I hope it wasn’t you who downvoted me.

  22. Nope. I have never downvoted. Opinions don’t insult me.

  23. You seem like a decent human. What, with your correct information about seeing how little scope height matters to oil from cats. You’re alright. Might even be going places.

  24. I have all of those cans, and I have custom 8 baffle Rex cans. The loudest is the OSS, but it’s job is no gas in face. It’s good at that. The surefire is way overrated. On my $7,000 comp guns it won’t do inside of an inch. It’s tough. Really tough. A-holes put the serial number at the muzzle. The Rex is the most accurate can I own. Regardless of what I put them own, they drop .4, from the MG7 to the 8 baffle to the MG10 and are the quietest according to my meter. The MG7 is not as quiet as the others, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s a K can and is light. I’m still learning the KGM, haven’t put enough down range to provide comment other than it’s different. I’m working if. If I could spend your money, MG10 all day.

  25. whats the flash out of the mg7 like? (also do you recommend a custom 8 baffle 308 can for a 10.5 5.56/762x39 as well as a 13.9? but mostly is the flash out of a rex can pretty good? I cant seem to find anything on the flash online,

  26. It’s because no one besides hidden snipers cares about flash? I dunno. I shoot with NV and thermal and don’t notice it.

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