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  • By - Vmax8

  1. I’ve reported and I’m not sure if it was the best decision. I’ve had to relieve the entire thing over and over again. It’s been a few years so it’s natural to have forgotten some things and I was basically crucified for it. The perpetrator got people to lie for him too so it’s been even harder. I’m constantly struggling and can’t sleep properly because I’m so traumatised from being cross-examined. It’s ridiculous the type of things I had to go through for example, before the sexual assault he sexually harassed me, and I had videoed him sexually harassing me, instead of the perpetrator taking accountability his defence was ‘if she was grossed out why did she film it’. Unless you have a body camera on you, don’t report!!!! Sorry but save yourself the emotional pain

  2. Yes I daydream a lot about it. It’s a coping mechanism. I do this a lot and it can be quite toxic because unfortunately it’s not real :/

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