1. I second this, generous portions and food so full of flavor. Try the sambusas as well!

  2. took a massive L tonight and I can't even blame anybody else for it

  3. Can you imagine? They have been using deadly force, shooting rubber bullets directly at people IS lethal force. Period. People are so up in arms (pun intended) about the second amendment but they don’t bat an eye when our right to protest and free speech is just completely obviously trampled over because our views go against the government. They sent in undercover cops to “prove” the protests were violent so they could then use force.

  4. When will the people start fighting back, by bringing swords to a sword fight if you know what I mean because paper against scissors ain't working

  5. Whoever is left. Capitalism's end state is a single person holding all the wealth and everyone working for them to get a chance live in debt and not just die.

  6. I think eating oil during a run would have really unpleasant consequences for your intestines. And for the people behind you...

  7. Check StubHub man honestly a bunch of sketchy people are on this sub trying to scam

  8. Nope, looking for tickets but I gotta deal with these shitstains to look for real sellers

  9. If you can find someone with a Costco membership card, I recommend their steaks. They are higher quality than your average grocery store and they also have keto snacks, depending on what's in stock. Stater brothers also has good steaks and you don't need a card for them.

  10. I miss the keto chocolate vanilla ice cream bars that Costco carried a while ago. Those were GOOD

  11. They have some keto chocolate bars that I picked up last time and they're really good.

  12. This makes it sound like it's our fault that they don't know us, when we actually probably turned out secretive and introverted because of their invalidation and criticism.

  13. In and Out has an off menu item called Protein Style and it's a lettuce wrapped double double. I ❤️ it!

  14. They also have the Flying Dutchman - two patties + two cheese. I find it easier to eat than the Protein Style!

  15. The problem with the restaurants offering keto buns is that I don’t know what’s in the ingredients.

  16. Yes, I buy marrow bones from butchers or restaurant depots and scrape them with a butter knife.

  17. It's true that I'm not doing an officially keto diet. I am low/no carb, but I can't really do the high fat aspect of it due to having high cholesterol.

  18. I highly recommend you check out Dr Eric Berg on YouTube. His videos are great and easy to understand. He has videos explaining why cholesterol is good for you (such as eating eggs everyday)

  19. Are you eating enough protein? Are you at least eating some carbs?

  20. Dunno if OP is doing lo carb, or actual keto, but beans are a no no on keto. At least starting out.

  21. I read an article that said in the last two years Torino’s has had to use 53 different recipes for its pizza rolls, because of supply chain shortages.We don’t live in the time of plenty anymore.

  22. That is great customer service from Costco. I have a few Vizio devices that they either bricked or stopped providing updates, so they no longer work correctly. Have learned not to give Vizio any more business.

  23. I've also learned to not update my devices until I research and see if others have any issues with the latest update.

  24. The non-cynic in me says that it's a way to get kids to eat fruit. I regularly tell my kid to eat up so they can grow up big and strong like the Hulk. If I pulled out a pineapple and wanted them to eat it, it would be a fight. With a Marvel Pineapple TM (Patent Pending), they would want to eat it without me even suggesting it.

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