1. Personally, I think ghost kitchens give entrepreneurs a chance to make a buck and see if their product resonates. It's the labeling of a chain restaurant as something other than itself that chaps my danglies.

  2. You can’t trust the Postal Service with anything anymore, especially in Richmond.

  3. “Trump is the president of out country, you should respect him for that.”

  4. Contact your utility and ask. They may have assistance programs and payment plans.

  5. Growing up in our household, our parents word carried the same weight as God. The mere notion of them being imperfect or biased or simply not knowledgeable on a given matter wasn’t even a concept in our heads. Parents were perfect. It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to get out there in the world before I realised that was wrong and actually wrap my head around the notion that parents aren’t perfect.

  6. If that's the case, you can get a lawyer and fight this since you never signed for the loans and that's actually fraud on their part. Why haven't you gotten a lawyer yet to get the loans removed or the debt transferred to your parents? Why haven't you contacted the loan company and mentioned this? They are legally bound to investigate all claims of fraud.

  7. There’s no money for a lawyer and suing my parents would have consequences worse than the debt itself. Their intentions were good but deeply misguided. They didn’t steal from me. They assumed college was a requirement to be successful at all and tried to railroad me into it.

  8. Spent the day out and about and the city felt dead. Hardly anyone out.

  9. These posts are really amusing to me. Does rating a passenger low make you feel better? The passengers do not care, it doesn’t prevent them from getting rides, and I don’t believe that you guys are turning down rides cuz a passenger is 4.75 rated, especially with the way Lyft barely pays these days.

  10. The main reason to rate a passenger low is so you don’t get them again. That’s all I care about.

  11. I’m in central Virginia and I’ve seen nothing but a trend downward in pay. It was immediate upon upfront pay being introduced.

  12. Who's seen this? They give us one thing but take another. Upfront Pay is not based on your rate card. See picture.

  13. Birdhouses don’t stay up long in my soul. Constant storms always thrashing everything. Upvotes for everyone in this thread.

  14. Gotta love the shouting emojis they tacked on that statement. We live in an absurd world.

  15. You don’t think salaries in major metros are better than small towns?

  16. Richmond is hugely incompetent. I wouldn’t put it past them. They kept trying to tax my car years after moving out of the city.

  17. Seriously, I’m really surprised that the city didn’t jump on removing it the second the last court case was settled.

  18. Id love it if a runaway cement truck just hit that thing head-on at speed.

  19. Kinda annoyed at how many chains are moving into that shopping center - it's going to be harder for small businesses in the area to compete.

  20. You haven't grapsed this free market thing have you?

  21. Shockingly, it’s possible to both grasp something and be annoyed by it.

  22. I couldn't possibly care any less about what any fan of Rogan thinks about me or my tone. And I've

  23. This checks out. I’m sitting here waiting for yet another drug rehab passenger who won’t show.

  24. Ditto. No bonuses in RVA and no challenges. That means no driving lyft. I switch to uber when lyft does these things. Probably permanently the way lyft is going.

  25. I’m sitting in RVA with a ridiculous “challenge” that requires 165 rides.

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