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  1. Quite frankly almost every AEW fan reaction...idk, they just seem to want to die on every single hill. I feel like most IWC WWE fans have no problem admitting when something blows ass, but AEW fans go down with every ship. It's just exhausting.

  2. I have the same thoughts. Killer Kross is… cool. I like him but he doesn’t really move the needle for me that much. BUT I’m absolutely stoked that they’re A) putting “new” faces on TV and in the main event and B) making them look like legit fucking badasses

  3. I really hope he does something drastic for the tag team division. I, nor Vince apparently have ever been huge marks for tag teams, but I can go the rest of my life with out ever seeing another USOs/Street profit/ Viking Warriors match

  4. People have recorded bear and mountain lion encounters so I don’t think it’s fair to say that whipping their phones out is out of the question. And pretty sure anyone that’s going into the woods is aware of Bigfoot so it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if they did see one.

  5. Sure. But Moutain Lions are still a very rare sight. So let's say Bugfoot is real, and let's say it is operating with a level of intelligence much higher than that of mountain lion, maybe just as intelligent or as intelligent as a human being.

  6. In the movie this person just made in their mind. (Spoiler:they are the main character even though it's set in a different country)

  7. Oh I love that movie! Its about that European dude who is a expert on US medical and guns laws but everything he "knows" comes from fictitious movies and or television shows?!

  8. Aren't orcas the only predator great whites will actually flee from? Apparently if there are orcas nearby, great whites will leave in a hurry and sometimes not return to that area for years. Which is understandable, because I've seen pictures of what an orca can do to a great white. Orcas are amazing creatures though, so intelligent.

  9. Orcas actually kill great White Sharks more specifically for just their liver....apparently Orcas love white shark liver.

  10. Dogman, Bigfoot, UFOs, "Extraterrestrials", skinwalkers, demons, shadow people etcetera are not living, breathing physical entities that live in our reality, dimension, world how ever you like to view it.

  11. That's usually a symptom of withdrawal. I can't speak for Gabapentin, but I had something very similar happen with phenibut. More acute, from what you say, I'd be restless and see moving and flashing light in a completely dark room for practically the entire night.

  12. I use suboxone. And I can not speak for Phenibut, but Sub withdrawal is hell on earth. I'll be perfectly honest, the only withdrawal symptoms I have from Gabapentin is mood related. My brain just can't seem to squeeze any dopamine out for about a week.

  13. Oh, well I'm completely lost in that case lol and you know, that's actually not uncommon. A lot of people who have tried phenibut have told me they didn't feel a thing from it. For most it takes a little while. The reason I got addicted to it was in these pills that contained dihydroxybergmotten (I think that's how it's spelled, which is derived from grapefruit and helps phenibut cross the blood-brain barrier. Apparently that's the reason some peoples prescription of Gabapentin says not to ingest grapefruit with the medication in any way.

  14. What were the side effects of Phenibut for you? Genuinely curious

  15. This matrix is making me sad. Does that mean I'm not producing that much milk?

  16. I'm on the team that believes the Matrix is purposely designed to feed off negative energy. Depression, anger, Hate, sadness, stress, anxiety. You know all that good awful shit.

  17. Poltergeist aren't "ghost" they are the physical manifestation of a person's thought or emotions

  18. In high school I couldn’t lug War and Peace off the bookshelf, let alone walk it home lol. I’m glad I waited so long to read Mindhunter, it’s very fucked up, but so good. The author, John Douglas, gave speculation on who the then-unidentified BTK killer would be, as usual he was right on the money when Dennis Radar was finally caught.

  19. When you say speculated, did he mention Radar by name? Or by the qualities that made Radar up? Like he knew it was a guy with military, police training? Yada yada?

  20. I want to know every detail of her adventure. I bet she made friends with a sewer alligator, and participated in a choreographed song and dance number. How exciting for her.

  21. Became best friends with a sly fox who tried to eat her for the first few days of her adventure. She convinces him through whacky shenanigans to help her get home.

  22. No. That's ridiculous. Listen. I do believe ETs have visited earth. But, I do believe it's extremely rare. I would bet that 99% of all UFO sightings are man made. But that does leave that 1%.

  23. Yo this guy is sick! Don’t give him anymore ideas!

  24. He's a troll who posts stuff like this for attention and laughs

  25. No, ya stupid gotta eat the heart

  26. The box was opened before I bought it. It's my dumb ass fault for not checking the bottle but their was clearly pills in it when moved.

  27. That's well beyond the point. Idc about the 3 dollars. It's just absolutely scummy and pathetic that someone would go through all that trouble for nothing

  28. OP, I get it. You wish it didn't happen because it has caused you lots of questions. I promise one day you will realize just how lucky you are to have witnessed something I've herd grown men say they would cut fingers off to witness.

  29. If it was real...than why announce it before studies were done? Why bring SO much unwanted attention from people and organizations you desperately tried to hide it from?

  30. All Bigfoot/ghost hunting/paranormal shows are insanely scripted and fake.

  31. I read that too. Apparently he suffered from multiple personality disorder and the death of his girlfriend affected him so much it was actually him messaging himself as his girlfriend in a disassociative state and couldn't remember doing it.

  32. I read one about a mom who would occasionally text her young sons old phone number. Somehow, someway, (I'm not a big tech person) this older gentleman started getting these text messages on his phone. He started to reply to them, he told the mother right off the bat who and what he was doing. But apparently I gave her a lot of closer

  33. What is the strangest, most unexplainable thing that you have ever seen or happen to you?

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