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  1. Why are you driving like that in the rain?

  2. Stone by a long distance for me. The metal are way too industrial looking

  3. A big advantage of HHP is that you can order items that are available when designing the vacation homes for your island in every color available vs just whatever you come across from Nook’s cranny / balloons !

  4. This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine because creating my dream home is difficult when Tim+Tom stock absolutely anything but basic house essentials

  5. you have to make 30 vacation homes in order to redesign homes on your island. tom nook will tell you about it. you get to buy furniture from the dlc island and bring it home with you. it's a very good dlc.

  6. Ahh that’s amazing I didn’t expect it to be that good. Thanks so much for replying I’ll defo be getting it

  7. I’ve had a stupid blender 3 times in the last 7 days lol

  8. I feel your pain🥲 what’s a man gotta do to get a bit of kitchen furniture ???

  9. It said it was a lab chair, it looked like an electric chair

  10. You can buy the official mystery packs. I think in the US Target does them. In the UK it's the Nintendo store online. They will only be the current series which will limit who you can end up with.

  11. Thankyou sm! I decided on a cheap option on Etsy. 14 villagers of my choice for £20 so I’m happy

  12. Amazing post op!! What exactly is happening in the 3rd photo tho lmao. Are you stabbing an old woman?

  13. Yeah I started playing Lifeline this season and got 3k kills on her in 4 weeks there is around 12ish weeks in a season I only need 8575k kills

  14. You started playing her this season but have diamond badges from 2 previous seasons🤨

  15. That rookie defo dropped a masterclass that game

  16. Also a great song, Spotify knows what's up lol

  17. & with that, I am officially leaving this subreddit

  18. Hey, me and my gf are fairly new and could really use the bells. Lmk if you could squeeze us in🤗

  19. Bro how can you not fit Ronaldinho he’s literally an icon can fit any team

  20. I personally got the Seer skin I think it’s a T3 skin in the game

  21. I think it’s more like the first guy fed his brains out and his teammate was left to the slaughter

  22. I just started ranked seriously this season and solo queue is very painful

  23. Yeah I hear that. Won’t be long brother you’ve got the talent for sure

  24. Thanks for the compliment. Next ranked rotation I'm looking to hit at least plat or maybe even diamond lol. If that's at all feasible. I've had a couple of my friends say I belong in at least high gold

  25. Yeah you do for sure. I reckon you could hit plat pretty quick

  26. Lmaoo you could just see him loading up for every challenge. Great work to keep the ball moving fast

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