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  • By - yoru

  1. Nice. I have a mini aussie and he started playing frisbee around 4 months old and he caught them mostly, even the first throw, he knew what to do.

  2. What frisbee do you recommend? I wanted to start this with our 6 MO.

  3. Use Hyper Pet. Has semi-soft edges but very durable. Use mine dauly and one lasts at least 2 years.

  4. I’ve been eyeing that on PSA but they are calling it a commemorative version and want one thousand 500 clams. I hope bass and cabalas have a better deal than that.

  5. My LGS have a couple of M17s and an M18. They do FFL transfer for like $25. You might want to check it out and call them. Located in south Florida. You can visit the site but you have to call in for sales.

  6. Did you add the thumb safety? If so, what did you use?

  7. M18s by default comes with thumb safety as per the military and law enforcement requirements. You can get them without it thru special orders.

  8. Yes I did. I really like them. You need some silicon or something to keep the weight in place when inserted as the larger weight rattles without being secured.

  9. Get the Armory Craft tungsten weights instead of the Wilson Combat branded ones. They actually fit better and a little more weight. Also comes with the silicone tube already. The WC brand you have to look for your own silicone.

  10. Love the gun, hate the color

  11. I know, but find them in black is impossible.

  12. M17 black you can get from Sig (with some wait time). M18 black is not even sold at Sig site but you can find them thru FFLs. Look at my posts, I have the black M18 on there. I didn't post my M17 though.

  13. The WC grip is great, but it is on the lighter side. You can buy tungsten inserts for it to add some mass. I haven’t bought the weights though because I’ll probably buy the AXG if it’s ever not $400. There’s a video on YouTube somewhere of a guy reviewing the Icarus aluminum grip and he weighs all the different grips. Hope that helps some. Snoochie boochies

  14. Get the armory craft tungsten weights. Much better than the WC one...and includes three silicone already. They are cheap even if you replace the grip later on, won't hurt your wallet much.

  15. I love mine. It’s the closest feeling striker-fire pistol grip to a 1911 That I have ever used. Plus I am not quite sure how they did it but it has a flared mag well and my medium sized hands go all the way down to the bottom on a 17 round mag. It doesn’t protrude 3/4 of an inch below my grip like a Glock 17 would. Garand Thumb did a review on the Wilson combat P320 And after having mediocre things to say about the M-18 and M-17, he couldn’t say enough good about this variant. He even made the remark that this is the grip that the Sig should come standard with and that some special forces groups were already using it. If you do you decide to get it, I would recommend that you do chip in the $28 (that’s shipping include) and get the tungsten weights that fit in the mag well to balance the gun and give it more heft. I did it because I just had a couple bucks lying around and wanted to give it a try and I’ve noticed that it feels like a new grip the way it balances in the hand.

  16. Get the armory craft tungsten weights for it. They are better and comes with the silicone tube already. Longer too. The Wilson combat ones are short even for their own grips.

  17. Sig made a version called the M17/M18 bravo which is black, but I don’t think they’re very common

  18. It is factory. It's not the bravo. You can see very few of them but they do make them. Cannot get it from Sig directly but they do exist.

  19. Is this a full size or compact?

  20. M18 is compact version of M17. They usually come in Tan color. Was able to find the black one.

  21. Well mine is drop safe. So much better lol.

  22. Most modern guns are drop safe. The Sig P320 was modified in 2015 to be drop safe to satisfy the military requirements. Out of that came the M17 and M18. And they are modular too. The US military is making tge M18

  23. In a city, an acre for only $300k would be an incredible bargain, and that's true for almost any city in the US.

  24. We live in a city here in south florida. A little more than an acre land with 6 bedroom home and 5.5 baths. A little more than a million bucks. Most houses are in the 1 to 5 million range and lots go up to 2 acres. Border of Parkland and City of Coral Springs. Some houses even have horses. We only have an australian shepherd (and no kids).

  25. Kuranda Dog Beds. They are chew proof. A bit pricey but you won’t be needing another one (just make sure you buy the right size assuming full grown size).

  26. As soon as he’s/she’s done with first round of vaccines, start socializing him/her (maybe some group training). Best to have socialization underway before they are 4 months old.

  27. The puppy is teething (worst time is between 6 to 8 month old). Spray your stuff with Grannick’s Bitter Apple. It worked wonders for us. Our puppy is almost 8 months old now and he only chewed off one slippers until we got the spray. Its this particular brand...there were others we used when we run out of this one a month ago and it didn’t work. So we went searching for the same brand.

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