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  1. Horrific. And that’s an understatement.

  2. Idk. She claimed she was a fan of marylin ig but if she really was then she never would’ve agreed to star in this

  3. If the mariners win the World Series then maybe life has a meaning for once

  4. Imagine the mariners vs the cardinals in the World Series

  5. She is the undisputed goat of art and experimental pop music

  6. Just as close as me getting prime Elizabeth Perkins on a date

  7. She has to be in the goat discussion for music in 21 century

  8. If the giants somehow get Aaron judge in the off-season then they are going to be a force

  9. I’ve actually never seen Ana act so I have no idea if she’s talented or what she’s like as a person but the SOLE reason she’s big is she is basically a straight man’s fantasy woman. The doll like, sex kitten features. Very similar to Marilyn in that respect. I can’t tell you the number of men who’ve told me how obsessed they are with her, which always feels a little objectifying and gross. She taps into something for them.

  10. I saw someone say that She's on the same acting level as Gal Gadot, but Reddit will take every opportunity to shit on Gal, but Ana gets away with murder.

  11. Lol. I think it’s because Ana physically looks fragile and childlike, the opposite of Gal. I also think it’s pretty privilege in a weird way. They’re both beautiful but Ana has the edge on Gal and her features are also more femme. Basically even though this sub is filled with women, it’s still superficial as hell.

  12. I might do a post on people who are better looking then Ana de armas in my opinion on this subreddit just to gauge how people react to that

  13. She is the undisputed goat of art and experimental pop music

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