1. Swap umbron for corviknight, to check kartana and rillaboom. It also allows you to drip defog on Lando and add knock off support. Change the Lando spread to more spdef oriented to deal with blace and pult, too.

  2. Alright, took your advice the most, made the umbreon swtich + urshifu changes. Also I used volc instead of necrozma just cause it's probably just a better special sweeper. I then replaced nidoking with belly drum salac kommo-o cause I already have a lot of special attackers on my team, although idk if that's too much.

  3. Yoo I absolutely love the articulation on the piano. It sounds raw and natural. I’m a big fan of building on an idea and you did that beautifully here with each new piece getting its time to shine before everything comes in at once at the end for the finale. V well done🇺🇸

  4. Yoo tysm I really appreciate it. Yeah I usually end up doing a sort of layering type thing, even if I don't mean to lol

  5. That was just the automatic thumbnail, I changed it now tho. Also why would u call me a homophobe i can't control what other players use as names, plus it's probably just a 12 year old trying to get a reaction out of people, which they succeeded with u apparently. You commenting this is worse than the person who put their name as that cause they don't actually mean what they put as their name it's just for a reaction. You on the other hand are just mad for no reason. Have a nice day tho ur probably a cool person in a bad mood.

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