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  1. The Fed is raising interest rates and since most of the worlds debt is in US dollars, every other country has to buy more dollars to service their debt. So even though every currency is losing their value due to high inflation, including the dollar, the other currencies are just losing their value faster. Looking into the dollar milkshake theory. It seems like a good thing for people living in the US, but in reality we are all equally fucked if this keeps up.

  2. Bullshit, stop watching idiots on YouTube that come up with stupid theories to get invited on channels. The USD is going up because they are raising their interest rates faster and higher than other countries, attracting capital. If the US suddenly had lower interests than the rest of the world, the US dollar index would go down. It has nothing to do with non-US countries having to service debt in USD.

  3. You will get a higher yield on the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar.

  4. Nothing to worry about. Quantum computers will break the banks long before Bitcoin.

  5. It seems that your position is making you depressed. Sell enough to make yourself feel better.

  6. There was a bug that allowed Europeans who bought stablecoins with Euros get diamonds. Used to do the same myself, stopped working Tuesday this week. Accumulated diamonds every day to buy the NFTs from the missions store. After counting in the spread on buying and selling USDC every day, it made me about $10 a day.

  7. They have updated the earn terms. Check your interest again, should be 0.25%.

  8. Since you’re using Euros, I’m guessing you’re based in Europe. Please start using the exchange, both to stop these posts and for your own sake.

  9. But the exchange only work with USD not EUR.

  10. $46B was worth a lot more back then, but sure this might just be the start of a long downturn.

  11. Really? And now what happens? If the price goes up, we couldn't be able to sell?

  12. You can still transfer it to another wallet, but it’s most likely going to get delisted at most exchanges.

  13. Liquidity gets lower in a down market, which leads to a higher spread. Try not to use market orders, especially on the main app.

  14. Just use Revolut, instant deposit to you Revolut account via any credit or debet card. Exchange NOK for EUR, then transfer to, takes like 30 mins for the transfer to go through. Pro: smaller spread on NOK/EUR Con: takes a little longer

  15. When you invest in something, you can’t expect that it will get you rich in 1.5 months.

  16. Thank you so much for the info man you guys are the best , not trying to annoy but I won’t have to add more money since I’m under to re stake correct ?

  17. If your current stake is worth less than $4000, you’ll need to buy more CRO to re stake.

  18. Its like asking how can you convert 1 cent to eur…

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