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  1. He was killed with a blank. He thought blank means it won’t hurt you at all. But they still have pressure and gunpowder and an explosion. So when you put the gun(with blanks in it) up to your temple and fire, the pressure and explosion is still sufficient to kill a person.

  2. Lee didn't put a blank to his temple. An object, likely the tip from a previous blank was pushed into the barrel that was then fired out by the following blank. The gun was fired by another actor in the scene.

  3. It was an accident that was not responsibility of the producers, why would they not? What I do not understand is how the gunsmith is not in jail.

  4. Well besides the producer who literally pulled the trigger.

  5. There's an episode of Dark Side of the Ring on hulu/tubi that is completely heartbreaking.

  6. Not mad lol, just wondering if the guy has range or isnt typecasted as that guy every film hes on thats all

  7. Sir Barely Appearing In Interstellar is some of his best work.

  8. Well I had high expectations because of my fondness of Reznor’s previous scores. It fit the film perfectly but just not something I can imagine listening to independent of the film.

  9. I've seen it compared to Ry Cooder's score for Paris, Texas. Would you agree?

  10. Totally agree with you. There was some good ideas but the movie wasnt that good. Plus Stewart is like the antithesis of Diana, she was portrayed as a mincing girl, Stewart couldnt catch the gracefull behavior of Lady D. It was like a cheap version of Diana

  11. In the book of A Scanner Darkly, set in 1994, the characters go to a drive-in Marathon of "all 10 Planet of the Apes films." Frankly, we are slacking.

  12. I thought it was a trilogy and I thought it finished..?

  13. You're talking about a franchise that once intentionally tried to end by blowing up the earth and killing off every single character but then an exec sent a memo saying "Apes exist, sequel required."

  14. Technically, the cargo plane scene was taken from the third Uncharted video game. The video game ripped it from TLD.

  15. Honestly the whole problem with video game movies. The appeal of many of the most popular video games is providing a playable version of tropes from other media. When you adapt them back into film, all you're left with is the derivative aspects without the playability.

  16. So ends the Great Bond Migration. For as long as streaming services have been around, they've flitted around at random. One month a service will have Casino Royal and Skyfall but not Quantum of Solace. You might get a smattering of Roger Moores for a week. On Her Majesty's Secret service might pop up on some obscure ad supported site and Dalton's never at all.

  17. Considering the movies are nearly 100 years old and very much of a different time I don’t think it’s that odd. Also the Bride of Frankenstein is just about as iconic as Frankenstein so you still get two different monster movies this way.

  18. It's pretty odd to release a movie and fuck it up. Either the movie is good and worth watching or it isn't.

  19. I heard they added a bunch of random music and sound effects to the Mummy which is a shame. It's quietness is a big part of it's creepiness.

  20. Part of it is just an inane culture that does treat everything as a puzzle to be solved or that needs to be outsmarted or twisted into something else.

  21. There are a ton of great recent horror films out there but most don’t go to the theater or stay there for long if they do. It’s the changing movie landscape where there’s so much content out there and 100 streaming platforms

  22. Even in theaters you can go see Smile, Barbarian and Pearl right now.

  23. Ah yes, the film about escaping a masked serial killer with the assistance of the spirits of murdered children isn't a horror film.

  24. Jamie Kennedy talks about why that movie was so bad on his YouTube Channel. It's interesting to hear about all the behind the scenes stuff.

  25. John Ottman won an Oscar as a film editor, and also directed the sequel to Urban Legends.

  26. Nick Cave has written film scripts along with scoring films. (IE, Lawless, for which he did both) All that is aside from his day job of being a rock star/Vampire High Priest.

  27. The secret with Wingard is that Simon Barret is the actually good one in that partnership.

  28. Review bombed by people salty about a woman being badass in a movie.

  29. There are examples of religious movies that attempt to replicate the success of The Passion of the Christ but without any understanding as to what factors made it successful. Example: Noah, Exodus:Gods and Kings, The Nativity Story.

  30. Noah is an extremely Jewish (and vegan!) film that Paramount hoped to sell to Evangelical christians. It didn't misunderstand it's audience, it was just straight up not made for them at all.

  31. I am Legend is a great movie, but an awful adaptation. The kind of movie that will be liked by people that didn't read the book, and that's 99% of people that saw the movie.

  32. Or people with eyes. Those designs and effects were awful even at the time.

  33. My most hyped film for the rest of the year. I loved Guadagnino's Suspiria. I've heard the source novel of this is good. Reznor and Ross scoring a horror film is a slam dunk idea.

  34. 202p but that's just dornobvioua reason. 2011 was entirely milquetoast on almost all levels.

  35. There are several variations to choose from in Company of Wolves.

  36. It's cheating though if you re release it lots of times

  37. Movies used to get released all the time and also stayed in theaters longer. People love to point out that gone with the wind is still the top film if you adjust for inflation but it's been released dozens of times.

  38. Yeah no shit, if they keep f----ng releasing it every chance they get...

  39. People say this as if it gets released all the time, but that just isn't the case. It hade one rerelease in North America , on Earth Day 2010 essentially just keeping it in theaters as it hadn't left, and then one additional release in China.

  40. As a teen I thought Buffalo 66 was the worst, most boring fucking movie. Saw again like 10yrs later and was amazed by it.

  41. Night House was awesome! Reminded me that I really like Rebecca Hall... to which then led me to watching Resurrection, which I sat through saying "nooo.... nooo.... this isn't really where you're going, is it??" for the last 45 minutes...

  42. If every August could just have crazy movies with knockout Rebecca Hall performances following the past two Augusts, movies would be in good shape.

  43. I agree with the sentiment that his scripts tend to work a lot better with a good director. This could be one of those cases!

  44. Oh my bad, I forgot we live in a world where any company, and especially VFX can just afford to tell clients that come with significant repeat business to just fuck all the way off.

  45. "We can't wish studios would make better movies" is a weird stance to take but you do you brah.

  46. Enjoy your nostalgia paste. Pavlov's dog drooling on cue.

  47. I mean in the original, the only horniness came from Frank and his sordid relationship with Julia, the Cenobites themselves didn't do anything particularly horny.

  48. Depends on what you're into. We're of course just used to it now but at the time, the ceno ite costumes were straight out of the leather fetish community.

  49. Plus, it's David Bruckner. The Ritual and The Night House were both awesome.

  50. The writers of the Night House too, which actually started its life as a Hellraiser spec.

  51. It is almost shockingly pulpy, but I don't know I, I dig it. The script is not the films best asset I would say but in combination with the performances and filmmaking I think it comes together well.

  52. Imagine fakers makin stuff for content and ended up just developing a full gtavi 😅

  53. The "Kubrick faked the moon landing on the actual moon" of video games.

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