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  1. sorry bruh you're right imma stop at red lights and shit from now on

  2. You should instead of complaining about the npc driving, I bet the npcs say the same thing about you

  3. When other players attempt to get into your base to take your loot.

  4. But If you’re nomadic that isn’t a problem then right?

  5. Didn’t the CIA experiment on him during Operation MK ultra?

  6. Debatable. The researcher had some links to MK Ultra but the actual study has weak if any links to the program. Also Kaczynski himself denied that the study had any real consequence in him

  7. People who are brainwashed don’t think they’re brainwashed

  8. Highest suicide rate of any group so I doubt he beat depression.

  9. If someone dies. They technically don’t have depression anymore.

  10. Seems to be happening more and more often. Or it always been the case..

  11. I have a question. Are women unable to get pregnant when this bubble looking thing is removed?

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