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  1. 21st January 2018, 12th June 2018, 12th March 2018 (same session as Long Gone)

  2. 24 Hours, Under Her Skin, McLaren Drive, Let 'Em In, No Coaster

  3. In The Air, Pause, Spanglish, GoPro, Friends Die

  4. I know the mixer. He told me. BJ Mekk. Said Juice let him keep the song too before he left coz they usually had security from Interscope that'd get the songs and sessions and put them onto external hard drives before anyone could leave the studio.

  5. Thanks for sharing actual good info instead of talking shit when I ask questions.

  6. I believe him but how would you know?

  7. He knows most of the dates. Come To Me, Move On and Stabbed You were recorded in the same session.

  8. He didn't prod any by himself. Most are coprods with 808pvlace and some with other members of 808. Rain Dance is prod CTM just engineered by Max

  9. Not That Easy was from Starstruck session I think

  10. Hopefully. I wonder if we will even hear it one day, he still has it

  11. Omen told me a few years ago that no one will ever hear it but I hope he changes his mind!

  12. Excluding stems, alt versions, sessions etc. I think there's 692 from soundcloud and leaks, ~76 from the 4 albums if you don't count the songs that leaked before hand, and alt mixes. Maybe another 20 features or singles. So there's around 780-790 different songs out right now if I had to guess.

  13. try my if you wanna [insert something here] .... you get smoked like marajuana

  14. Are you sure? I thought that was when Never Alone was released. But ITBIC wasn't released until October 2015.

  15. Do u think there’s still shit that haven’t been leaked? There is but do u think theirs another 100 or wha?

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