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  1. Would you be open to going on a food tour? I went on one through Airbnb and it was amazing. The host took us to several restaurants and all the food was delicious. There was beyran- a spicy lamb soup, several kinds of kebabs, kokoreç, cheeses, and kunefe to finish off.

  2. we were contemplating doing a food tour a a lot but the price for both the tours we were looking at is very expensive $125 one is called Yummy Istanbul and the other is Culinary Back Streets. We were about to book the Culinary back streets tour as we have used this company in the past in Mexico and they were great. But all they really do is take you too the markets to discover a few hidden gems which I feel you could find yourself just speaking with locals.

  3. This tour was way more affordable and it was a small group of 6 people. Here is the link if you want to consider it:

  4. You mean what's our opinion of the Soviet Union?

  5. I think quarterback is one of the most challenging position to play because they not only have to see what their team is doing, they have to read the defense too and make split second decisions. So that's one person reading 21 others and deciding what play to run.

  6. Her too but without Toph, Aang would not have beaten Ozai since he never would’ve learned the seismic sense.

  7. Usually if you invite someone, you should pay unless you have an agreement.

  8. During the first Covid lock down, I didn't cut my hair from January to November. I had long curly locks, they were glorious. I was actually kind of sad to see them go.

  9. LOTR hands down. Without Tolkien, the fantasy world would've been so different. Tolkien walked so all of these other fantasy writers could run.

  10. Welcome to Sokovia! Keep an eye out for Iron Man.

  11. Nice to see none of these npcs skip leg day.

  12. Whatsapp is great because you can talk with everyone regardless of what their phone OS is. FT is only Apple, and Zoom feels too professional.

  13. I'm a QA Engineer. Hell yeah it's fun! I make bank and my sole purpose is to break stuff and then retest it to see if anything else broke.

  14. Weigh both options and decide which one has more benefits. For example, if I have two job offers and they both have good pay, I'll research both companies and see which one would be better in the long run.

  15. 36 hours. I started the day in Dublin, then traveled to Amsterdam in the evening, and had an overnight layover there before ending up in Sorrento, Italy. I explored the area and went to bed late at night. Even after that amount of time being awake, I had so much energy left.

  16. Well, even if you could send someone back, I don't know how they'd prevent your future bacteria from wiping out the past and the past bacteria from causing problems in the future. There's no way you could contain every single organism.

  17. You dont have to. You just let the pandemic run its course and then with a few well phased questions like "Isn't it odd that the Corona virus outbreak started near a lab studying Corona viruses?", people latch on to that thinking they have realized something special and the problem takes care of itself. Nobody would ever suspect the time traveler.

  18. I mean if we send someone from right now to 500 years ago, all of our current bacteria would annihilate everyone from that time since their bodies have never come in contact with these new organisms. Likewise, someone from 500 years ago might have some bacteria we haven't been exposed to.

  19. I visited Turkey for their kebabs, baklava, and Turkish delights. I've wanted to visit the country anyway and I'm glad I did. It's my new favorite destination.

  20. Also I love the fact that the garage is huge. I moved all of my important vehicles there.

  21. I don’t think el rubio knows. I think that dude is our inside man.

  22. Well, he does work the front desk at your agency and apparently Pavel has mentioned Franklin(or vice-versa) so maybe he’s been bought off.

  23. I tell my friend to join back into the session so he can fight his NPC.

  24. Luckily I have a clip of it. Unfortunately it’s camera quality tho.

  25. Boston cream, sour cream donuts, certain chocolate glazed, certain normal glazed, and then powdered with jam.

  26. Sour cream and onion or anything with jalapeno/any other pepper are two of the best chip flavors.

  27. My first concert experience was seeing U2 here in Toronto. I think it was in 2011 so I was 15. It was awesome.

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