1. Dumb question, bc I seriously don’t know but why not?

  2. Would it be an idea to sell these pamphlets on the internet to raise funds for Ukraine?

  3. Could use a little help. Rmtx went dead on my trust wallet and I thought it was pulled. Never kept up with the news so what do I do to get my tokens back on point?

  4. Perhaps a very banal question: But what exactly do they mean by a range of 200 kilometers? Does that mean that the drone can fly 200km to the target and then back to the point of starting, or only 100KM (100KM to the target and 100KM from the target) .

  5. Looks can be deceiving. This kind of weapon is designed to ignite everything it touches. It will quite literally scorch the entire area it is deployed upon whether you be in cover or not.

  6. Don’t worry, this guy doesn’t understand how real life works apparently. Best not to engage with idiots

  7. I really don't get this. Just how is Ukrainian liberation of the east/left bank of the Dnipro only a matter of time? The only way I see that happening is if they liberate most of the rest of the country first, which would presumably make the relocation of collaborators pretty pointless.

  8. I don’t really understand your statement, can you maybe rephrase. The West Bank already is liberated and has been for some time now. The east bank is slowly becoming liberated and this city is riverfront and an important logistical hub for both sides with major roads in and out.

  9. This is bad propaganda, Russia has 300k tanks in reserve. The war would be over if this was the case. Come on.

  10. I'm always diversified, but it's up to you how risky you want to be.

  11. This ☝️, NFA but “all in” should never be an investment strategy. That’s a gambling strategy. Entire portfolio should be diversified with a set personal risk factor to minimize loss in specific sectors.

  12. “Yours isn’t to question why, yours is to do or die “

  13. I agree and I do think it will work out this way. Most exchanges are still in emergency mode after FTX and I don’t see them making any major moves in the short term future. I do feel like shibarium hitting the streets before the end of the year is quite likely

  14. Armenia didn’t sign a renewal agreement for that mid Central Asia coalition. They had asked for help for defending from an attack and Russia did not supply it.

  15. There was a little skirmish in Kazakhstan many months ago and Alliance did nothing there. Not a very good backing is my guess

  16. Bless the people doing this, I know it’s some donated or at least deeply discounted. Probably some gov assistance in there too but they still uprooted their lives to help. Plus got the three bears of fridges going on. Although that’s not nearly enough coffee makers for that amount of coffee. I think we should send them a dozen mr coffee machines.

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