1. From the ledger website. Go to their twitter page and you'll find a link to their official website

  2. Sharing fake information makes you fake also. That's what the dude wants and you're promoting the FUD. if the post is neglected he'll have no reason posting it. Simple

  3. Bro, I'm asking you to report this guy and not follow him. That's an account with 180k followers and probably no knowledge at all about CRO.

  4. Tip, keep claiming, the tokens are getting distributed right now, the point of this airdrop is to create traffic on aptos network, when we'll be able to sell/trade from the devnet the price will drop drastically imo, still free money, i mean, i claimed already 900 APT, at the actual price its almost 4k usd, that's a lot, but it's worth 0$ until we can use them

  5. How did you claim 900? Mine stopped at 100 :-/

  6. Odd, I just created another wallet, followed the instructions and presto, 4.38 usd for free

  7. Already did that. I read the WP and it states that devtoken has no real world value. I'll take that as in "not today, anyway"

  8. And to think he always disabled comment on his tweets, people can't comment except specific people in his circle

  9. Keep hodling and DCA more to reduce the lost. I'm in the same shoes but have not stop buying. Hodl

  10. Then it must be you problem. I sign in literally as fast as any other app in my phone. I experience it only once but after the update, everything is smooth.

  11. See suggestions above for free top up. I also don't understand why you said it's a scam when it was announced via email and all their social media pages

  12. You waited the 10 days but have you actually withdrawn it now?

  13. You should say I know some people are upset and not everyone because I'm not upset. I hold a big bag of cro and I believe in the sustainability of the project.

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