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  1. Never fear the gift and curse of working 2 months a year. I’ll be back in a week or so when stuff slows down. P.s fuck health insurance lol

  2. Wow lot of people hating on marketplace plans. I know there’s a lot of bad info going around but it all depends what you pay for as with everything. If you go from Medicaid to $0 marketplace bronze plans it’s like comparing apples to cars lol. Not to mention Medicaid income limits are much lower then marketplace. If you start working and get kicked off Medicaid that is more where you’d want to look to marketplace plans. United health care 2023 marketplace plan has $100 deductible so higher then Medicaid but still nice plan

  3. If you haven’t checked out brave you should. They only have ads if you specifically allow them and then they give you crypto for viewing them

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