1. Oh yeah any chance you can give me an early heads up when you have the next pegy in your cross hairs.

  2. Yes, find me in Messenger. My name is Adnan Elkaz

  3. One last question what's your opinion on APRN and AVCT I've averaged them to al most the same numbers just over 200 of each, aprn @3.61 and AVCT @2.54 I had much more of each but needed cash, my plan is to hold out until however long it takes or should I 'pull it to me and run'.

  4. What would have happened if you had sold APRN immediately when you saw it crash and bought PEGY instead or some other stock? Sometimes you have to dare to take the loss and learn from your mistakes instead of holding onto the stock all the way down. I'm not telling you what you should do or should have done because it's easy to be a hindsight, but I just want to remind you that most people make the same mistake of holding and buying more when it's about to collapse. By the way, both AVCT and APRN can reverse from these levels but can also go down some more. It is impossible to know. But APRN went down again today on a volume it used to go up on. I actually don't know how it will go but probably both APRN and AVCT will turn but when and how long it will take is hard to say.

  5. Low float? Look at the FWBI, SNTG, ENVB, ADTX, NVIV, RHE, KSPN, FTBB, NCPL, INM and why not GBNH so you can see what low free float is. There are many others but I don’t have that much time.

  6. Not yet but there are many other. CSCW, ENSC, ATXI, PALI, KPRX, KTRA, MOHO, SONN, NBRV, SPCB and many other.

  7. LUCY is really oversold. Had it received the same volume and pressure as the Chinese companies, it would have exploded to 10 dollars.

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