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  1. I do it too. A few times that I had to do laundry at my MIL'S when I lived with her, I sorted in my room.

  2. Sometimes playing together helps. Get those toys out for kitten and she if Void is into it too. It will pass, as others have said, those darn friendly meezer attempts will help in time

  3. Oh I've been getting new toys for them. The Void unfortunately is a Grinch

  4. Were these “stationary” like they were pretending to be stars but you could see them wavering in the wind or something?

  5. Yes, actually. I've shown other people this & of course everyone thinks I'm a little bonkers.

  6. I've had a couple kittens uncake yarn for me before. You have my simplicity

  7. I just adopted a 20 month old kitten (she had been adopted 15 months ago and in June or July her person passed away)

  8. I'm 1 of these weirdos. I grew up in the desert of Eastern Washington (100+ degrees most of the summer) I absolutely have to be covered up

  9. Hi, I'm in the PNW & have residential Anna's. I keep a eye on my weather/temperatures. I mistakenly let 1 feeder freeze over, took 3 days to thaw out. So I bring them in before dark & husband put it back out at 5:30 am.

  10. I'm 17% Norwegian & 2% African (North & Southern Banu people), but 52% Scottish & 35% England & Northwestern Europe.

  11. University Place might fit what you're looking for. We're our own school district (not part of Tacoma) Fairly a mixture of liberal & conservative, retired & active military, only a hour from either Seattle or Olympia, just a couple of hours from Crystal Mt or 3 from White pass ski, lots of great hiking spots over in the Olympics or Mt Rainier (I'm married to hiking/Mt climber & snow skier) not hard to get to the Sounder train.

  12. OMG how much do I hate this douchcancoe guy. He needs hot bamboo shouts up his nails (toes & fingers)

  13. My take is accurate. I suggested that people sue their landlord when they can. I never specified who would the law would apply to, only that it existed. I'm not a lawyer and anyone who goes to Reddit for legal advice really shouldn't.

  14. Landlord here & your incorrect about not renewing the lease. It's called "no cause" & is part of Washington state Landlord/tenant laws.

  15. My upstairs neighbor has flooded my kitchen twice in the span of a month for using dish soap in the dish washer. Not to mention she has verbally assaulted neighbors, abused her dog, and we've had to call the police twice for DV issues with two different men. It hasn't even been a year!

  16. Are you my SIL? My 90 year old MIL does this. I just quit answering my cell phone.

  17. Well it looks you could be my cousin. I have family from Buskerud too. And Ireland too.

  18. I know right. I have about 5 or 6 friends on Facebook that turns out are 9th cousins. We were all amazed by it. I'm also England & Northwestern Europe too.

  19. I'm in my 60s and had that same crock pot back in the 1970s. I used it for decades without any issues.

  20. I agree with this. I went over the passes for the first time a few years back and as soon as I did things got real different culturally. Like, immediately after the pass the Trump and Culp signs skyrocketed. It felt a little comical and I feel like if I didn’t see it myself I’d think it was just a stereotype, but no.

  21. Your so spot on. I'm originally from the Tri-Cities area but now in Tacoma area. I would love to move back, but this liberal woman would shot off her big mouth & probably be unalived over.

  22. My sister likes to tell the Pig war story. I believe it was used as a question on Jeopardy.

  23. I have a mini crock pot that I could take to work with me. I'm retired now, but that might work for you. It's would hold a can of Campbell's soup

  24. Thanks but, Yeah I think I would want a little bit more space than that. It would be okay for dip but not for cuts of meat.

  25. My wife is a school bus driver. I can confirm what you did was completely legal.

  26. Retired bus driver & came to say the same thing. I had cop pull me over on my way home in Fife. Two lanes & turning lane in the middle. Bus driver can only control 2 lanes & the bus was going east, I was going west. Cop pulled me over "for running the stop paddle " I explained that I knew this WAC law better then him. Asked him if he knew my boss (she was part of the town volunteer fire department) he said yes, so I called her. Told her that I was pulled over for running paddle & officer wanted to give me a ticket. She said for him to go ahead & she would be coming to court with me. I didn't get the ticket.

  27. So we do NOT have to stop if heading in the opposite direction on a road with a center lane? I thought we did.

  28. That is correct & if there's 5 lanes (2 going each way & middle turn lane, if going the opposite direction you don't have to stop. This is the law in Washington State, I have no clue about other states.

  29. Well I don't care about that point buttercup. They take after their abusive evil father.

  30. According to Dr Henry Gates, the 1% is from a 4th or 5th great grandparents. I was watching when he had Rosanna Cash (Johnny Cash daughter) & Clint Black on & they both have 1% African (I do too, my oldest daughter took a 23 & me, I did a Ancestry DNA) my daughter came back with North African & Southern Bantu People. So she's getting my sister & I a 23 & me test for Christmas. My Ancestry has me at 1% of Southern Bantu People. I believe that I have identified my ancestor .

  31. With Seattle, you're dealing with Traffic getting out. You'd spend at least 2 hours in traffic every day getting in and out of the city. Worse going to Rainier.

  32. From Tacoma to Mt Rainier isn't minutes trust me. It can still be a couple hours. We go up as often as possible. Because I am having issues walking, but can still drive up there. Husband goes hiking & I usually knit or nap while he's gone.

  33. Yeah, I screwed my back up and was stuck with riding around last summer.

  34. I'm a retired CDL bus driver, so spent alot of time going to the Sequim/Port Angeles area picking up veterans to go to medical appointments at VA Puget Sound (Seattle and American Lake) plus over to Spokane, Ellensburg, Yakima, Walla Walla and the Tri-Cities. And down to Oregon, Idaho & Montana (I got around alot)

  35. I went & checked on mine. I have 6 paternal cousins who range from 939 to 820, I have no whole 1st cousins on my maternal side, but the 1 of the half is 414.

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