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  1. Oh hey! How do you like it so far? Electrical design living up to your hopes? It's a great field to be in these days.

  2. I love telling those people that the "thin blue line" thing is by code defacing the American flag and is very disrespectful. You can almost see the smoke coming out their ears trying to compute!

  3. Seriously, western medicine is a joke. "You want a pill, or a shot? That'll be $10,000"

  4. I often just hold one in my mouth while I'm driving or working. It takes some of the fidgety-ness out of my day and (despite what a dentist would probably say) is perfectly healthy!

  5. If spreading aphid paste on toasted cardboard is wrong I don't want to be right.

  6. Lol still cheaper than the Zippos i saw at the Harley dealer.

  7. The new recruits were also told to scavenge abandoned vehicles for medkits. They're pretty much going out into IRL Tarkov servers...

  8. Are they doing the ww2 strat where half of them get rifles and half of them get a magazine? Communism, amirite?

  9. Check out Wildwater for the budget. They aren't top of the line by any means, but very fishable! I have a 4 and an 8, the 4wt is fun and the 8 wt is a telephone pole haha.

  10. I’ve got a wildwater as well 5/6 (which is silly, should be a 5 or a 6) but I’ve enjoyed it. I also have used much nicer rods/line a few times and can tell the difference - mainly in the line. I’d recommend getting one and then once you’re addicted and decide you have to upgrade you’ve always got a cheap backup laying around.

  11. That's basically what I did with the heavier rod. I use it to throw really big streamers or wind resistant poppers. Definitely tossed the line.

  12. People on the internet can't tell what sarcasm is by themselves anymore, so they came up with this little code. It's sort of like explaining a joke though, so i don't use it either. I take the down votes like a good girl.

  13. That's almost my exact setup, but I use the 12 rd mags with magguts springs. 🤙

  14. Twinzies haha. Pretty much all you need man. My state caps mags at 10 rounds so trying to stay “compliant” for my carry gun.

  15. It's a form of negative feedback, since the voltage across it (which is nearly proportional to collector current) subtracts from the input voltage.

  16. I prefer my taint tickler ungloved as well.

  17. Wait. Which part is the taint tickler? I thought we were wearing shorts...

  18. Thanks for the recommendation. I haven't tried a C&D that I don't like!

  19. I'm telling you - Primary Arms, unless you don't care for a Chevron reticle. The BDC on their prisms and LPVos feels literally like cheating!

  20. I have a thing for clay pipes. They remind me of that scene in LOTR that introduces Aragorn, kind of a dark taverny feel.

  21. If you start one, let me pitch "Ruck around and find out" as your club's motto.

  22. They work well! Got mine done last Thursday, still a little sensitive but getting around just fine.

  23. Mines scheduled for early Nov, and I'm a huge wimp. I'm a little worried peas won't cut it...

  24. So I'm having an issue with bowl falling off stem. Is there a way to tighten it up? Thanks.

  25. The "right" way to fix this would be to insert a delrin dowel into the stummel and drill it out to fit your stem tennon.

  26. Last 12 miler for 3 was at air assault school. I reccomend either Belleville or garmont boots, and plenty of electrolytes

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