1. Well, it got me over my cost basis so I'm amped. In the green, baby!

  2. Sell and wait for it to inevitably drop below your cost basis again. Every pump gets faded back to where it was prior, and then some.

  3. There is enough BTC for every human on earth (8Billion) to have something like 0.002

  4. No, thats ridiculous. Scarcity is what drives price up, not the opposite.

  5. Shytoshi is the dude who broke the internet with a single healthy, mayo laden chicken sandwich shop in Naples, Italy. No news on Shibarium.

  6. Posts like these make Shitoshi smile and say "Wow, look what I've created!"

  7. What's another $600 loss if you're already down $2,900? Might as well continue to hold and hope for the best.

  8. Lots of dumbass clowns on this sub. Most of them voted for all the shit you posted. Reap what you sow bitches.

  9. Yes because that’s the only reason we’re in a recession. Has nothing to do with the supply chain, like not enough truck drivers, or the fact 40% of the worlds grain has been affected by the Russian invasion, or that oil companies are making record profits despite no increase in demand. It was that pesky $1400 check that made everyone millionaires…

  10. Lol good try... why would we care if you lost money Goomba. You can't lose until you sell... I plan on holding for my reasons. Fuck what this guys talking about

  11. If I sold now I'd still make a profit just like the OP. With a stupid ass comment such as yours, looks like we all know who's in the red now.

  12. Thank you for your advice. Buy high, sell low. Smart move.

  13. Why did you think OP lost money? Oh wait, OP said they made money. Nice comment 🤡.

  14. Do not be surprised if Shibarium doesn't launch for another 6+ months. Also do not be surprised if Shitoshi joins WEF. He is hell bent on screwing investors with soft rug type moves.

  15. I bought SHIb and lost money on my investment , then sold at loss, invested in COSM and made nice profit. So happy ending!

  16. People are downvoting you because you made money on something other than SHIB. Just goes to show the clowns the Shib community is comprised of.

  17. I predict SHIB will reach $0.01 in Feb 2023. Shytoshi and the dev team are communicating daily about Shibarium status and keeping the community updated. I am Ryoshi!

  18. No chance in hell Shib will, but Bone will as soon as Shibarium is released.

  19. Loaded up the game, immediately. Literally immediately thought this is retarded and uninstalled. Didn't play for 3 seconds.

  20. Well done. The devs need to spend their time and OUR money on other more important items.

  21. The deeper the hole, the harder it is to recover your money later. So keep digging!

  22. I never see you post anything but fud. You never even provide any evidence to back up your claims.

  23. There is no reward structure in place, and communication from the devs cant get any worse. And rewards sucked from the beginning. Honestly I don't care who does and who does not use it, just know what you're getting into before putting your money on that platform.

  24. Absolute YES! Why?...Because Shitoshi isn't done fucking us with his pet token. And with 549T supply, he can fuck everyone on this planet 68k times.

  25. Shib being in the Top 20 just goes to show how tedious and silly this whole crypto game is. Any new investor is never going to get rich investing in any of the Top 20 coins. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. "The level of delusion by shib bagholders is amazing. Unless they’re all shills being paid to post this stuff."

  27. Major milestone of new bag holders. A vast majority of them are in the red. Why the hell is news like this celebrated on this sub?

  28. Terrible time to buy anything imo, especially SHIB tokens due to the severe lack of communication from Shitoshi and team.

  29. FUD trumps everything, and right now Shitoshi is promoting FUD by giving zero updates (especially regarding Shibarium). This alone is tanking investor confidence in SHIB. And coupled with the entire crypto market, it's a recipe for disaster for all SHIB ecosystem holders.

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