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  1. Give us some context here. It sounds like something an 11 year old would ask. I’ve never had a grown up ask me if I was rich outside of some online posts.

  2. I'm in my 30s, and travel a lot... it's not unusual I'll end up making friends with people just out of University backpacking, or "digital nomads".

  3. Ok so this doesn’t happen that often I gather. Just let it slide. Part of me thinks you enjoy it.

  4. Ehh it all depends on the person. If you’re a car person, I call bs on not being happier. If you don’t really care about cars but instead just want something nice, then yea, you won’t be happier.

  5. Why are some of you so f’ng weird about peoples hobbies. You’re asking why someone does this but you don’t ask why someone scrolls their life away on social media.

  6. Yea. I made a career out of it, ironically coaching food stuff (in a non exploitive way), and spend a lot of time on socials. I’m kind of weening myself now so she doesn’t see me posting. It’s not a great idea for kids imo so I’m trying to spend less time on it. Luckily enough I sold that business and will be done in a few years.

  7. Started a company. Sold it last year. I basically buy everything I think I’ll like at some point.

  8. I just sat in my model 3 and saw this on the seat. It could have come from something else but I’m at a loss. It plunges in and out.

  9. Thank you! I recently got a new tire and haven’t driven it since I picked it up. I’m thinking it fell from the technicians pocket. All my stems look ok and tire pressure is good.

  10. No. These kids are resilient. Longer beards are arguably better than stubble. Let it grow.

  11. Being semi addicted to social media and message boards in general. I called it work but I just hung out where customers were for hours a day.

  12. No it’s a god damn waste of time. The irony of this mindset is how funny it is that we spend so much time saving time but will sit on hold for 30 minutes to get back a few bucks. Let it go. This is part of the reason it’s cool to be fat.

  13. The easy win with your wealth is hiring a trainer multiple days per week. Just pay someone good to kill you 5+ days a week with a fully customized plan around lifting, cardio and flexibility.

  14. Why does everyone assume you need to be beat to death during training to get good results? It scares people from even trying.

  15. Because it works really well as long as you get adequate rest in between sessions. You can make 50% gains with 50% effort and look great, much better than the average person with enough time. But if you want a top 1-3% physique or you want to see results quickly, you need to train within 1-2 reps of failure for every workout every session. There are lots of people who put a lot of time in the gym but never see results, even with good diet and rest. And it’s mostly because they simply aren’t training hard enough.

  16. I know but that still doesn’t mean you need to annihilate yourself. I know how it all works though. Not looking to debate rep schemes. I’m just hoping people don’t go over the top.

  17. Is it your favorite because you get to drive it back and forth since you can only fit one bag at a time lol

  18. You’re not getting it back so don’t even ask. As for how your spouse should handle the guilt…maybe she should give them money. If you have more than enough to live, and she wants to help, let her. Maybe the family is weird about it and entitled, but whatever.

  19. I was a manager at a bank. Some dude legit pulled a Leo DiCaprio on my ass with a check kiting scheme and since I cleared the checks due to good customer service (it was a few thousand total) I took the fall. Ended up going on unemployment and being broke as hell. I got into another field shortly after which lead to me starting my own business (since I couldn’t deal with traditional work). I sold that business last year and it’s all because some dude got me fired. The funny thing is, the customer service that got me fired ended up netting me millions. Thank, random dude!

  20. Could it be because you’d be pulling less money into his pocket? When retiring you’ll no longer add to his funds but potentially take away, and he could be worried about that.

  21. Why wouldn't you try to get the best price for something? I shopped and haggled on what would have been a $125k car last fall and got exactly what I wanted for $110k instead.

  22. I guess knowing the current car market, I didn’t think it was worth it. Things are much different right now.

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