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  1. Musk Melon , it's not that hard just keep all the shit that our grandfather's died fighting against in WW2 off the platform .

  2. If I didn't already avoid Apple like the plague, I would boycott them.

  3. This is clever word play and isn't mean spirited. This is a great meme!

  4. Ok, then fight for it. Ordnance incoming. Bet most homeless folk can't afford semi-automatic rifles.

  5. Handguns are semiautomatic. Did you mean automatic rifles?

  6. I was speaking about semi-automatic pistols. You spoke of semi-automatic rifles and made it sound like having a semi-automatic gun is a big deal, so I thought maybe you were confusing semi-automatic for automatic.

  7. Conservatives can be gay or bisexual. Not sure why they think we can't be. This seems like gay shaming to me. Not very PC, left wing memers.

  8. Bachelor's degree in computer science here. I got sick of the DNC. Who wouldn't!?

  9. I was a little annoyed how she only seemed this powerful when evil. The whole excuse for her avoiding magic in the last season always felt more budget related than actually story related.

  10. she was powerful when she fought Glory

  11. Maybe I am due a re-watch. I just remember her teleporting people away from danger and things like that. I don't recall her going toe to toe with Glory.

  12. Buffy is right. In a situation like this where you can't fuck around, Chloe was dead weight and also an idiot. People like that would drag down the others.

  13. I swear this sub is nothing but snowflake assed racists that do nothing but cry all fucking day. You guys look weak af. If I was a young fascist in training, I definitely wouldn't look up to you limp-wristed do-nothings. No wonder your cult is fading into obscurity.

  14. Lawl! Fading into obscurity so much that you took time out of your day to post this weak ass comment.

  15. Mr. Nimbus is the weirdest character on adult swim and that says a lot

  16. I have a feeling that not knowing who this is is a blessing.

  17. I don't love every episode but I love the show itself. And season 6 has been knocking it out of the park, for me.

  18. It's just a prank, bro. The only content I would like to see of this guy in is him getting the shit beat out of him by one of these people he is messing with.

  19. If their political ideology is being racist and inciting violence in an attempt to use fear to gain power, then sure - they were banned for political reasons. I can agree with that.

  20. Press X to doubt. Plenty of racist people who aren't white used to say racist shit all the time on Twitter. And since they weren't white, no one did shit.

  21. My point was to tell seapod to not bother with a bottom feeder.

  22. She's a hypocrite who tries to tell others how to live when she doesn't have her own shit together.

  23. It is not so much her being boring or flat of a character, but what the show does with her. Early seasons Diane is great (one of my favorite episodes is the one where she and BoJack visits her family) but the more they stop using her as a supporting character and make her a main character… yeah, I find it all dreadfully boring. The Vietnam episode in particular - I always skip that one.

  24. I never thought of it that way. I liked Diane more in the beginning too. She was kind of like the therapist friend who was helping people with their problems.

  25. I think the point is that they don't think they get enough attention. A lot of people don't have a personality of their own, so they do this shit to try to cobble together one.

  26. What kid brings this drag show shit to their parents? It's always the libtard parents dragging their kids to these things to indoctrinate them.

  27. Both were in the same bar. But I don’t see you saying anything about the vet.

  28. "Both were in the same bar. But I don’t see you saying anything about the vet."

  29. The implication was obviously saying anything negative, but I guess subtext isn’t your thing. If the veteran was at a bar with drag events why aren’t you screaming about him being a pedo.

  30. Ah, I see the issue. You chose to go entirely off topic without actually calling that out. You should really work on your communication skills.

  31. But she doesn't have a dick. How can one be gay for asking to see a dick one knows does not exist?

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