1. Yes, i ended up deleting that ad and tried to create a new one scheduled for an hour in advance, and still the same issue

  2. I’ve had similar problems and the issue was that tiktok has the wrong time zone settings for my area. So scheduling it an hour before, seemed to have fixed it. I would just let it sit for a few hours, it’ll kick in. I’ve written support tickets to tiktok about it, but they don’t seem to care lol

  3. Cpm is high. Cpc is high. I don’t know the price of the product but I’m imagining the CPA is high as well. If it were me I would go back to the drawing board.

  4. I enjoyed the movie, but the ending certainly left me with more questions, as if it was meant to be a prequel to the trial. I followed it perfectly, and thought it was genius to really shine a light on the fallacies people cling to when caught up in conspiracy theories, but the one question it never really even addressed, and what they really owed the audience, was how Alex and Charles were introduced to one another in the first place…

  5. I assumed it was because Charles’ company was the production company for Alex’s parents video.

  6. Timber rattlesnake, Crotalus horridus. Venomous and best observed from a distance.

  7. Thank you! When we returned back to the visitors center there was a snake chart, and that what we thought as well. Very cool!

  8. First off, the pics are horrible lol. Sorry about that. They’re from a quick video I took before looking up on Google “what to do if you run into a snake” lol.

  9. Household income: $140k Purcase Price: $230k (2012) Taxes: $11k/year Utilites: approx $5000/month including mortgage

  10. I can’t possibly figure out how you’re paying $5000 a month for that. Even with $0 down and a 10 year loan, you wouldn’t even get close to $5000 a month.

  11. Ah yes, the risk of saying you hate Republicans on a reddit forum. You are really living on the edge!

  12. Lmao right? “I know how risky it is but I despise Lee Zeldin”

  13. Unlike FB Ads, Tik tok customer support seems to somewhat care. They’re usually pretty good about responding to tickets quickly.

  14. I had the exact same thing happen. All I did was create a new campaign with new ad sets but used the same creative and it's working well.

  15. That’s exactly what I did. New campaign, switched copy around, same creative. Not exactly as good as it was performing before, but better than yesterday.

  16. I also saw the CPMs of two of my ads to triple overnight last week.

  17. That sounds like a nightmare. Luckily for me this is a relatively new product, and didn't have a ton of data that I'd be losing out on by starting a new campaign. I started a new campaign and condensed the multiple adsets I had down to just a single one, to simplify things a bit and see if I can "restart". It really is a pain though. Keep me updated on what happens on your end. Any little information is helpful to navigate FB ads lol.

  18. I figured how to record in different ratios, but thank you

  19. Any chance is this is still available?

  20. Did you wind up copping this or a different GH5 bundle by chance?

  21. Site looks good honestly, what theme are you using out of curiosity?

  22. This seems to be an every few month occurrence at Roosevelt field

  23. If it’s brand new fresh off the YouTube “how to run an ad” I’d say at least wait a few days so you can build up an audience. No point in having audiences like ATC/IC if there’s only 2.1 people in it.

  24. The pixel and ad account itself has decent data, but this will be a brand new campaign and product. So I’ll do what you said and give it a week to build up. Thanks!

  25. What are people doing about not being able to put links in their bios until 1000 followers?

  26. There’s a pothole problem on Long Island? Who knew?

  27. remove gun rights. Implement strict gun policy. (:

  28. We should lobby for smoke grenade and bomb control also.

  29. When your house is flooded full of water the response isn't let's add more water. 5 people got shot, if it were a semi auto or full auto how many more would have gotten shot. If more people in the subway had guns how many bystanders would have been shot by accident. I think you'd agree we have a problem with people getting shot, so what is the answer to try a solve that, it can't be to simply just ignore it. But my guess is you're just going to give a trolling answer

  30. It almost definitely was a semi auto. It 100% was a semi auto or full auto lol. That’s the issue here. People throwing around buzz words not knowing what they mean.

  31. Who did you call? I have been trying to figure out a contact and have not been able to get through in any way.

  32. In my case, I had a “chat” option pop up on my account. After using that, the representative called me on the phone, where she told me my account was permanently restricted.

  33. That is good for you, unfortunately I have no links and have been unable to find any one to communicate. It is mind blowing that my page / account are just permanently cooked, what is the value of that.

  34. It’s absurd, you’re right. One of the craziest things I’ve learned in the dropshipping world is how poor a company as big as Fb’s customer support is.

  35. Fb restricts new ad accounts in the first few days. Follow the prompts to verify your identity, and within a day or two, it’ll be fine. They do this will all new accounts

  36. Could you check my product page for any red flags or some missing key points? I was usually getting 5-7% in conversions, but my CPC was just too expensive I am doing only FB ads. Now I made some UGC ads did a lot of creative testing I got my CPC down to about 0,7USD which would make me profitable with my old conversion rate. But somehow my conversions disappeared. I've got just 1 sale from the last 150 visitors, and I was usually getting much much more.

  37. Well I’m not sure what landing page you’re running your fb ads to, but just so you know, the link you posted doesn’t work

  38. Used zendrop for a bit. Their prices in my opinion are just way too high to be sustainable. I actually messaged them once because a price they had on a product was significantly higher than competitors. They responded by “taking a look at it” and actually increased the price.

  39. I’ve been in the dumps the past day after receiving my page restriction. This post made me feel a million times better that this is normal. Ran my first campaign for a day, realized I made a mistake, pulled them down and relaunched them and received the restriction. Thanks for this glimmer of hope haha

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