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  1. Oh it makes sense. That BuSINeSs wOmAn screams the name Kabir Poggenpoel. Truly astounding.

  2. If you watch it again, you'll see all the clues. I enjoyed it so much more on the second watching, because I 'got' everything. And yeah, I watched the whole series twice in one day. Ridiculous, I know.

  3. I'll save the re-watch for right before season 2. I really hope there's a season 2.

  4. I'll do a third watching right before the next season. I would have forgotten everything by then anyway

  5. I read all of the comments and could not figure out what a Parktown Prawn was, other than a bug. Hell I thought it was a giant roach the way people are going on. Its just a damn cricket, catch some and go fishing.

  6. You've clearly never had to deal with one of these damn crickets. They smell like decomposition. The smell OP is talking about is overwhelming. They're big, they jump and they hiss?! If it was just a cricket, that would be OK, but the smell man... My childhood dog loved finding them by the river and used to roll in them. Apparently she loved to smell like a rotting carcass.

  7. Yes, always, always knock. I've never locked a bathroom door in any home I've ever lived in. I think most of our doors didn't even have locks.

  8. This is not an adhd thing. My husband always forgets to put the oven gloves away, drives me crazy. You know what I don't do? Shout and admonish him. This is a relationship issue. Just because you have adhd and are reliant on patterns and structure, does not mean you get to treat other people badly. Not ever.

  9. NTA - there is nothing gross about your period, or your period stained panties. Nothing gross about it. The way he treated you regarding them is what's really gross.

  10. I tell them. Otherwise they ask me ALL THE TIME. They're often quite shocked, because they think I look very young, like 10 years younger than I am. When they know I'm actually in my 30s they also stop trying to be my friend as much.

  11. I saw this earlier today on YouTube. I struggled through it. Honestly, it DISGUSTS me. He is a disgusting pos. He makes me feel sick.

  12. They haven't done the draft in over 40 years for one and two its called selective service and it's not only used for the draft it's also you so if you decided to come firefighter or a cop or something and it comes down to you and one other person and the other person did not sign up for something service you would be top of the pick just because you signed up for this

  13. Great thing is she actually said "talk English". He replied "I speak English". His English is better than hers. Ugh, she's such a shit person.

  14. No. UK police are incredibly harsh on drunk drivers.

  15. My mom was 53 when she was diagnosed and it made a big difference to her life

  16. I think it's just how I feel boredom. Nothing is fun, or enticing and it's sort of painful.

  17. 100%!!! I've always hated boredom. I get panicky when it sets in and I scramble to find a way to make it go away but there's nothing I want to do so I get depressed.

  18. Yep! It makes me feel depressed too. I just have to wait until something becomes interesting again.

  19. Yeah this happened to me, but with all my furniture in my flat. All of it. Fridge, everything. I went to the police, obviously. Case opened, etc.

  20. Ouch... sorry! Were you moving and selling all your stuff?

  21. Yep. But I guess I basically just gave it all away. I won't ever do anything so stupid again.

  22. And that means on this sub that it's wrong lol. This is such a European centric sub...

  23. From Canada and I've never seen these either. Also haven't seen them in England or the Carribean.

  24. England here. They're definitely here. Maybe not in a dodgy pub, but we definitely have these.

  25. Maybe you can explain to me something that I've always wondered: why in the national anthem is it 'Oor ons ewige gebergtes'? I get that it's our eternal/everlasting mountains but why 'gebergtes'? Is that just fancy old-school Afrikaans for berge? Or does it have something in particular with them being described as 'ewige'?

  26. Not sure, but maybe 'gebergtes' is more like 'mountainous regions' than just 'mountains'? That's how I always understood it, but I don't think I was ever told that.

  27. They do that on purpose. It's an aggressive sales tactic that some companies have. Dead Sea Minerals (or something like that) is one of those companies. I just get really angry and walk off. I have melasma and yes, I already know. No, you don't have to point it out, I didn't ask you to. And no, your overpriced nonsense isn't going to help. Kindly fuck off.

  28. With the Dynamic Teen Life mod, they get invited every weekend

  29. Ha! Interesting! I have overly bendy elbows and knees. Didn't know this might be connected.

  30. I have family that speak pure Afrikaans as well but even me I've never heard the word /winkellaan/.

  31. My grandparents only use Afrikaans, so skootrekenaar, drukker, etc. Heavily Overberg accented, so skoetriekenar, drikkir, etc.

  32. The word inkopie is so weird. I like me a heavily accented grocery winkel 😂

  33. Hmm, morn a woman, I don’t know, or order Italian food… Choices, choices.

  34. Oh my god! She was a 96 year old lady! 96 year old ladies die! She had a good innings, let it go.

  35. Fuck ya gotta love a good camry tho. Fantastic cars. So economical.

  36. We had one when I was growing up. Awesome car. So comfy.

  37. Exactly. As far as I know they are explicitly told not to do too much about it to protect their own safety. Fare dodgers cost us money, but it's not worth people being severely injured or dying.

  38. Always bring your own meat to a braai. Always. That's basic etiquette my man.

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