1. I don't think that it would help in any way though...

  2. There is no one in the job that you are friend with?

  3. Yeah, this age it's really hard for most of us, I was in your place once too...

  4. Yeah you would think elementary and high-school should prepare us for life in the future but it doesn’t. And as much advice as I’m given from people that went through similar things it never helps my situation. Im kinda just going with whatever and taking one day at a time and waiting for something to happen. Cause I’m not sure where to go from here.

  5. Same, I switched few jobs before I've settled

  6. That's abusive, assholery... You don't overreacting

  7. Just like in real life!

  8. Hey, I'm not a professional, but I will listen to you If you want, I definitely want to

  9. I had my struggles too, was really shy, when it came to talking with a girl, I struggled to even approach her, I was thinking what to say, what do, how to say it and how to do it

  10. Well, I can't speak for everyone, but Yeah, atleast for me, from time to time, it's still there

  11. Yeah, people are suffering every fuckin day, no day pass where I don't pull someone from a bathtub dead, or brains all over the fucking bathroom or scarpe someone from a fuckin sidewalk or pull severed head from a shit fucked car, sorry that I fucking care about people that want do die you piece of fucking shit

  12. The sex? Maybe I have misinterpreted the question

  13. Hey, I'm sure that she would rather listen to you talking about anything that bothers you, than anything else, friends are that way I know it might feel much, but I'm sure she's glad that you are talking with her Talk about it

  14. Hey, I'm here if you want help we can talk about everything you feel like

  15. Older lady, with so much joy and amazing energy Every class was great, one of the few that did it for reason... I remember her like it was yesterday

  16. Haha she sounds wonderful! My favorite was also very transparent and honest. On the first day of class she told us upfront what her beliefs and potential biases were, and I felt like this was so simple and also so powerful. No one had to guess. As a result, the class was more honest and really accepting to open discussion.

  17. Yeah, In my opinion that's how the system should work

  18. Myself, never had the talk

  19. Drinking eight beers in the work week , nit for the taste but for the feel, nit having issue to walk four and half km, to the pub to get three more just because

  20. Yeah sorry. Just. Had to deal with something. Just tryna get ready for a stream I'm doing. Dunno why I do it but I do it

  21. Debating on streaming either part 3 of my Subnautica Below Zero thing or just streaming me making some shitty music lol

  22. Only one that matters in this world is you and yourself

  23. I don't actually *work* but every time someone else needs help I help them and then fall behind on my own things.

  24. Yeah, I got you Don't let this become habit, think about yourself first, nobody matters more than yourself, listen to yourself and every Sid you give, use as well

  25. This. Until a couple of tiny people who share my genes started calling me dad, I didn’t scream-sneeze.

  26. I don't share genes with them, but the moment of the cps decision I swear the god, I said hello you honor I'm dad, and sneezed to the fucking oblivion

  27. You don't pay for an annual examination, if they find tooth decay they give you two choices, either regular sealant, which will be covered by insurance or the all white which you will pay, but it looks good

  28. Laugh it off, because cops are pulling pranks on us again, also call my brother to tell him he's a funny guy

  29. My jaw hurts just from the memory

  30. That the out of the book answer doesn't mean it's wrong

  31. I dont like the idea of there being nothing one bit.

  32. Why? You would not be there to notice

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