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  1. This is the primary reason I’m afraid to treat my anxiety with medications lol… it’s one of my only motivations to get things done

  2. Kinda works for me to treat both anxiety and ADHD with meds.

  3. Well, that's why I dropped out of my PhD thesis in science. I was always fascinated by the topics, but academia is simply not for me. Was quite hard to let got, but in the end, it's not worth it fighting a fight you will lose.

  4. warum muss dafür privatisiert werden?

  5. Weil es seit Jahrzehnten nicht funktioniert, lies for ruhig mal durch wie die DB den Gütertransport durch die EU blockiert.

  6. Warum funktionierts wohl nicht? Vielleicht weil die DB seit Jahren Geldmangel hat, welcher sich dank FDP und Grünen bald noch verschlimmern wird und Projekte häufig (Mein Dank dafür geht raus an Umweltbund XY) ewig blockiert werden?

  7. Das sagt Medvedev doch ungefähr bei jedem Move der NATO, hier sogar ohne nukleare Drohung. Muss die Altersmilde sein.

  8. Abkehr von Nord Stream: Gazprom legt Verdichterstationen angeblich still

  9. Indeed. You guys should know best if we go back in time to let’s say 1939 or even way close to the present day when your politicians bend over for Russia

  10. Reluctantly, I understand how Turkey can afford to throw its weight around for political “gain”, but how the fuck does Hungary justify this? It’s literally a non-player in geopolitics… it’s a tiny, landlocked, unimportant backwater that seems to get pleasure in being a pain in everyone’s ass, it wouldn’t even be able to defend itself against its own neighbours.

  11. Hungary has their EU funds in peril and wants to send a reminder to SE/FI. Also, their gov't is generally transactional: you grease the wheel, it stops screeching.

  12. A cube of gold that weighs a ton has a sides that are 37,2cm long. That's slightly larger than a common supermarket watermelon(the non-seedless kind) which have a diameter of roughly 30cm. So essentially Germany has 3355 large watermelons made of gold in it's banks :D

  13. Great way to take all the fun out of having a treasure -_-

  14. Supposedly gold reserves. The gold was moved to USA for safekeeping and after WW2 it was moved to London. The gold is by law required to be in Denmark. To move it away from the klepto hands of Hitler was made possible by a vote in the national bank for a temporary relocation. So every three months since then the bank has voted to temporarily relocate the gold.

  15. Haha, couple of years ago, some conspiracy nuts claimed that the Murricans just secretly stole the gold we have entrusted to them for safe-keeping. It went so viral that the Bundesbank had to repatriate parts of the treasure to appease people.

  16. I think these are graphene nuclear reactors and the reactions don’t stop like in light water reactors. So continual management needs to be done until you deplete the fuel.

  17. First: graphite, not graphene. Second: no, those are not the Chernobyl type of reactors

  18. Jo, die absolute Shitshow um Golden Rice hat dazu geführt, dass ich nichts mehr an Greenpeace spende und 10 Jahre nicht mehr grün gewählt hab. Jetzt bin ich doch wieder bei den Grünen gelandet, aber schweren Herzens.

  19. Es dürfte dich freuen zu erfahren, dass die Grünen fast nen 180° bei Gentechnik gemacht haben in neuen Grundsatzprogramm.

  20. Glaub ich nicht. Wo steht das? Gen-Angst ist wie Atom-Angst für die Grünen konstituierend, da gehen die nie von weg.

  21. On the bright side, if this drags on long enough, Ukraine will probably develop its own mid-range missile system.

  22. Developing is not the problem, producing it to high standards under war-time conditions is.

  23. If that friendly country allows the exports of complete missiles, that is. Poland might, but in principle, NATO member do not deliver anything with more than a couple dozen Km

  24. Vermutlich wird man sich in ein paar Jahren wundern, wenn chinesische und/oder indischer Hersteller eine Flottenoffensive elektrischer Kleinswagen zu einem bezahlbaren Preis starten...

  25. Aber es geht doch bei Atomwaffen nie um den Ernstfall, weil wenn der eintritt haben wir sowieso alle verloren. Es geht doch immer nur um den konjunktiv: hätte, wäre, könnte. Solange Deutschland mit Frankreich und dem vereinten Königreich verbündet ist und ein Angriff Deutschlands den Bündnisfall auslöst, der den Einsatz von Atomwaffen zulässt, hat Deutschland effektiv den Schutz von Atomwaffen.

  26. 4-1 hätten damit mittlerweile wahrscheinlich weniger Probleme.

  27. Ich bezweifle dass Frankreich und UK begeistert wären über Deutsche Nukes. USA schon eher. Polen würde sich absolut in die Hosen machen und auch Nukes anstreben.

  28. “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.”– Otto von Bismarck (1888)

  29. If only the guy had still been Chancellor of the Reich, maybe he could have averted it....

  30. https://twitter.com/UAWeapons/status/1596599767672520704

  31. Oh wow, ich hatte keine Ahnung dass diese Igelmatten so viel bringen. Das ist doch Gummi, wieso kann das eine Hohlladung abwehren?

  32. Dann wird Deutschland aber erstmal eine neue Strategie für Exporte entwickeln müssen. Keine Exporte in Krisengebiete oder Ersatzteilversorgung streichen wenn das Exportland Menschenrechte missachtet ist schwierig, wenn man gleichzeitig viel exportieren will.

  33. So Russia claimed some absurd and false specs on a new aircraft to scare everyone and the US response was to develop an actual aircraft that could meet or beat them?

  34. It was the Western military/industrial complex that claimed the MiG-25 was some super advanced heavy fighter without a match in the US arsenal.

  35. I'm beginning to think the MIC scared Washington DC so that they can get the extra funding. Can't deny the results though

  36. Oh yes, they did. Must have been the golden years of the US MIC.

  37. No. To defend east Poland we need to shoot missles over Ukraine territory, which we are not allowed to. Placing Patriot systems in west Ukraine would be a workaround for that problem.

  38. Then Poland should go first and deploy something there. It's not going to happen, and neither will German soldiers be deployed there.

  39. Poland doesnt have any Partiots yet for fuck sake

  40. I would wager that Russias failure can partly be attributed to what a corrupt shitshow they are and how much military funding was supposedly siphoned off from their modernisation efforts. What I was trying to get across is that the current level of response should have been implemented in 2014.

  41. This could be a massive shift in air defense capabilities if it were to happen…

  42. Sounds like complete nonsense. Germany is not going to put own soldiers in the line of fire by stationing them in Ukraine and which Ukrainian unit can operate a Patriot battery?

  43. You can't stop Pregabalin cold turkey, that's going to cause a lot of problems, maybe even seizures. Your doc should have given you a plan for tapering down do maybe 75mg once or twice a day and then stop it from there. You can't go from 600 or more to zero all at once.

  44. Unfortunately I am not able to access a doctor for a few weeks. I have enough money to fill the prescription one more time, which is 350cap 50mg. I’ve been going down 50mg every 3 days or so and I’m currently at 250mgAM

  45. Yeah either at 50 or 25 I would try to stabilize and then tough it out

  46. 600mg is the top of the allowed ceiling for taking it, which usually involves raising the dose for weeks. Going to 675mg from zero + adding an opiate + Bupropion is just reckless. I started it on prescription with a starting dose of 150mg and it knocked my socks off, was manic for two days straight. My doc was apologetic and lowered the dose to 75mg.

  47. I responded above before seeing this comment, but I have the opposite experience with Vyvanse. It is so much more “cracky” to me. When I take Vyvanse I can’t eat, my hands and feet sweat, and I feel like I’m on the come up after taking mdma where you’re teetering this line of feeling great and terrible all at once. And then once it wears off at the end of the day I feel like a shell of myself. I imagine I might acclimate to the medication, but I’m not sure if the comedown would ever go away. I never had any comedown issues with other stimulants. Adderall xr does give me anxiety though. And I don’t really feel any effects of my IR. I just notice it a bit into the day if I don’t take it first thing in the morning. I know these meds have been a life saver for plenty of people, myself included, but I hope someday to be off of this stuff entirely.

  48. What's your dose of Vyvanse? Sounds like you take a rather high dose.

  49. I really like Elvanse/Vyvanse as it doesn't increase anxiety as Ritalin did. Against anxiety, I take Pregabalin and it works, you just have to be careful not to up the dose as it builds tolerance fast.

  50. Any country where the local green party has any kind of meaningful political influence cannot be relied on for anything to do with the military or national security.

  51. In Germany, the Greens are actually helping fix the problem the conservatives and social democrats fucked up.

  52. Exhibit A for lack of environmental ambition: a method of burning gas exists, using 100% oxygen instead of atmospheric air, which apparently leaves no carbon emissions and even no particulate matter (

  53. Especially modern 155mm ammo, it's not like WW2 products where it was basically just lead and powder.

  54. Just to nitpick, WW 2 wasn't lead and powder. That was the civil war. WW 2 was TNT and steel.

  55. What are the most needed items and necessities for the civilians at the moment, that one can send in a package to Ukraine? Important stuff that is harder to get at the moment...

  56. I don't know which humanitarian orgs are working in Ukraine, but usually, the best thing to donate is money. To the right orgs, of course.

  57. As a US citizen I dont mind the support for Ukraine, but when I see the European numbers, it is very irritating.

  58. You aren't wrong, there is just the problem that most European countries actually don't have that much left. Completely botched defence policy over the last 3 decades.

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