1. I can’t wait to kill my bloodline (I’m a biased aroace person)

  2. I feel like even if I wore girl clothes and looked in the mirror I would never see “her” because I just associate the way I look with me now

  3. What I think I look like vs what I actually look like

  4. I somehow look like the top left except my hair is green and brown.

  5. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  6. What are the reasons I am definitely still cis?

  7. God because we all know non binary people are gods

  8. If I’m honest, I don’t know anymore.

  9. I have had a therapist before but it wasn’t for gender

  10. If you don’t come down here right now I will go up there and force you down here with the rest of us!

  11. Transfems getting home and putting on fem clothes

  12. There is this trans man at my school who will randomly walk up to me ans demand to switch bodies. It's so funny.

  13. I wish I could switch with a trans masc so we could both be happy

  14. See, I have proof I’m not cute! It’s right here, I wasn’t followed!

  15. Yes but if you learn sign language you still get sign voice dysphoria from your hands

  16. Now you’ve ruined sign language for me ):<

  17. Why would a cis guy want that

  18. I think there might be something that I need to tell you

  19. It’s hard to say but I think you may be a little bit not cis. Crazy, I know

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