1. Some of tuscon? Wow scrapping the bottom of the barrel there

  2. it did at first which gave me a problem where the car would shut if i engaged the clutch then neutral but i replaced it ever since with oem parts and works fine now

  3. The auto ECU needs to have a specific transistor cut in order to work for manual swap cars. I wonder if that was omitted.

  4. That’s the fun part - they don’t

  5. Did the same upgrade and was pleased. The camera is basically the only big upgrade imo

  6. Mezcal is to tequila what Islay whiskies are to whisky.

  7. The fundy trail parkway from St Martins is very nice

  8. You’re a couple skittles short of a rainbow there bud

  9. The RCMP went through a series of scandals due to their practice of secretly bugging official residences. It was in all the papers repeatedly for years, but people forget.

  10. Wtf are you talking about? You off your meds bud?

  11. Have yet to see it in my local dollarama - if I do I’m snatching one up for sure

  12. Totally , I should have done that. In future, I’ll follow this, thanks.

  13. Most of the time a simple vacuum isn’t sufficient and you need a wet vac job done. That’s pretty standard in most apartment buildings.

  14. Hands down the correct answer by a mile

  15. Probably the difference between a car with a V6 and a V8

  16. Reason I ask is because aroostook is a village derived from First Nations language near where I live (and also the largest county in Maine)

  17. It was developed by Cornell University and the Maine Department of Agriculture:

  18. That’s pretty neat. Hope it’s good. Report back when you try it 😉

  19. Historic or antique vehicles are typically vehicles that are 20 years or older (may vary by jurisdiction) regardless of make or model

  20. Lyman Gen6 works good for budget scale

  21. Harnessing the power of kyber crystals

  22. Works fantastic on my Roku and android tv and streaming using chromcast and HBO!

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