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  1. It leaves you with less money for the time being but it can reduce taxes which can be complimented by other deductions to reduce taxes every quarter if you run a business ...and no the company doesn't have to have other employees or be a big company to do this. Besides tax deductions , a lot of charities take a lot of the donated money for themselves instead of whatever purpose they said they'd support ;yes, the percentages diiffer from charity to charity .

  2. Top Gear were probably exaggerating it (as they've been known to do).

  3. lol this is why they usually want engineers to have good grades...

  4. It's also why good engineers acknowledge their limitations. I used to be a mining engineer, specialised in ventilation and blast design. I could then give a rough indication of the type of ground support that would then need to be installed in the tunnels/voids I designed but I am definitely getting the geotechnical engineer to give the final support requirements. It is believing you know everything and not seeking advice that kills people.

  5. Info: did you give pay rises to the other workers who are now doing additional work that the new guy can't do? I get extremely frustrated when managers fire people and just expect everyone else to pick up the slack, adding to their workload, which isn't in their job description, with no additional compensation. It is a common business tactic and needs to stop.

  6. People are being dismissive but I reckon there is some level of truth here.

  7. Do the tapioca pearls block up the onboard drink system?

  8. So by your logic, the SEC is completely ignoring crypto. In the past 12 months they have issued $0 if fines...

  9. Ask yourself, what benefit you are getting?

  10. Also weird that he said the OP "spelled it wrong," and kept having her rewrite the name with her guessing the spelling. Does he think Xaiquiri is the normal spelling?

  11. He even spelt it wrong. Obviously there is meant to be a silent T at the start.

  12. Out of curiosity, just how well known is Ned Kelly outside of Australia?

  13. Yeah I don’t get this bullshit. Every few days some jock thinks they have done enough learnin’ to make a determination about what’s going to happen 120 years from now when Bitcoin hits max supply… in full adoption bitcoin would be like $20million each and transaction fees would be like $1000’s of each equivalent. No normal person would be on layer 1. It would be used by lightening network and other layer 2’s doing rolled up transactions. Think like an institution wrapping up 1000’s of transactions into one. So a transaction is still expensive, but it’s shared among many people. For large transactions like house purchases, there will either be specific layer 2’s to handle those or people will decide that it’s a large enough transaction to warrant the large layer 1 fee. But this is just going to be how it is. This is ok, for us to use lightening network and leave layer 1 to large layer 2 settlements. It’s still a trusted decentralized network that we as normal people have access to visibility so institutions are kept honest, and the network crosses boarders seamlessly, and it’s unbiased, so anyone can have access and participate.

  14. So does that mean you need to pay $1000s to get onto the lightning network? To close a channel where someone is acting maliciously (you know, the mechanism that is important to punish bad actors on lightning)?

  15. Walked past it today. The guy with the megaphone literally said ‘you will turn into a Bluetooth signal’ I laughed for 2 blocks

  16. Wait, is that why my headphones get interference every now and then. They might be onto something...

  17. There's nothing you can do that will generate enough downforce to actually be of any benefit. if you want higher performance, get better tires. Sticking on a dogshit bodykit and a humongous wing will do nothing but signal that you have no idea what you're really doing.

  18. Tyres are the simplest way to greatly improve the performance on your car. Also, no chance of running foul with the law.

  19. yup, I've been using the same email address for over a decade and my HIBP page is looooooonggggggggg.

  20. It's fine, EnterpriseRiskRegisterV1.2(copy).xls will be renamed to EnerpriseRiskRegistetV1.2(copy)2.xls by COB Monday.

  21. Any time you mention that report they disregard it completely saying the sec is paid off so the data is wrong.

  22. I drew a picture on a piece of paper. It is kind of triangular. Like one of those Egyptian thingies... A funnel! Yes, it looks like an inverted funnel.

  23. But what if I am just sending it to an address? And somehow end up getting something in the mail from a random person?

  24. In kind payments are subject to tax at the equivalent monetary value of what would have been paid. This is true for any form of in kind payment, not just crypto.

  25. Would this apply to garage sales and flea markets as well? Any payment method. Cash, crypto, digital payments. Because if I am buying p2p whose to know where how when anything about said TX unless it is on a chain, like btc, or a merchant's, like paypal, logs.

  26. If you want to go into the technicalities and assume everything was lodged as the law technically states, the following rules apply:

  27. I only buried a landmine in the park. Whatever it does after that is not my responsibility. It will only decide to blow up if certain conditions are met and I can't be held responsible if that happens.

  28. So who will they prefer overseeing them now, the SEC or CFTC?

  29. A lot of DAO members aren't scammers but dumbasses who fell for crypto memes. A guy joins a shady DAO because he sees green line go up, then the organizers scam people for $gorillion while he can't do shit (even if he understands what's happening) because his share of the voting power is too small, and then he's left holding both the bags and the lawsuits.

  30. It's almost like regulations exist in the non crypto world to protect investors in businesses for a reason...

  31. You can't ban code unless you ban numbers, and you can't ban numbers because if you did no one would know what time to set their alarm clock for and society would fall apart on us.

  32. 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

  33. Most countries it’s still illegal for emergency services to run a light. Then at least need to do it slowly and safely.

  34. Our training was to basically treat a red light as a stop sign.

  35. You literally just said that op has to yield to the car entering while also saying that the car entering has a yield sign, which could only refer to having to yield to the cars already in the intersection. You just said both vehicles need to stop and give way to the other vehicle

  36. I should clear this up, I live in a country where roundabouts are super common.

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