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  1. most exchange houses accept pounds, they can converge pounds to usd or lira it doesnt matter. just make sure they dont cheat u. exchange houses also deal with canadian $, euro, swiss franks, saudi riyal etc…

  2. there’s no money, the money has been spent on imports, subsidies, benefits, salaries etc throughout all the years. To import u need $$, where do u think all $$ came from? it was pple’s money in the bank. im astonished everytime i see a lebanese still not knowing basic facts about their money and bank accounts.

  3. lebanon cant establish manufacturing industries like asian countries. Asian countries have such industries because they have cheap and largely non professional workforce + millions of them. Lebanon is a tiny country population wise and workforce is better educated and skilled. Not to mention other non human capital factors such as economic and political stability, Lebanon is the worse country when it comes to stability.

  4. cover letters need to be relatively short and straightforward. briefly about urself and the job ure interested in and the company. this is what matters

  5. Just put predicted 2:1 or first. You don’t need to upload a transcript lol. The only time your grade matters is when you get the full time return offer and it’s contingent on that 2:1.

  6. why do grades only matter on the sellside stuff?

  7. if you go back a year ago, the market was on fire and no one would predict what is going on now (year later), so no one knows how markets would be in 2025

  8. or didnt pay the price, the price was too high that lebanon collapsed and went bankrupt

  9. I bet he's feeling at home, an ambassador of a lawless state to another lawless state. Lebanon is sadly a complete joke

  10. 1000 masroof. Used to get chips for 250, ice cream tb3et l 250, bonjus for 250, and sa7be for 250.

  11. in short, the Gold isn’t being used to support the currency. Usually such reserves serve two purposes, first give investors a sign that the bank has reserves and can meet debt obligations (in Lebanon’s case, Leb defaulted on its debt) second a central bank would use reserves to intervene in market, sell reserves and buy local currency when it’s undervalued, or sell local currency when it’s overvalued. To my knowledge Lebanon’s central bank never touched the gold reserves, so they were supposed to serve the first purpose

  12. that’s sad, but what does this pic have to do with this Sub?

  13. Lebanon isn’t considered sanctioned, and isn’t considered a country

  14. Typically in any other country you’d see the different groups and all citizens come together behind their national strengths in difficult times or when the country/national interests are threatened

  15. thanks for posting it, was about to do so.

  16. how many guests are u considering and where would you like to do it? you might end up needing no more than $15k for the wedding ceremony.

  17. 250 guests, looking at a nice outdoor/indoor venue in the jiyeh area. What do you think? Will 40k be enough for some nice flowers food and lighting?

  18. $20k should be more than enough. and congrats btw i hope you have a good one

  19. very beautiful, this sub needs more nature pictures

  20. i mean yeah Hezb has been killing civilians since 1982, they introduced suicide bombing before anyone did, they bombed targets in Kuwait and GCC bcz Iran wanted them to do so, they assassinated politicians killing tens of civilians in the process, they made lebanon go to war with Israel 2006, then launched a war on lebanese pple 2008, they disabled parliament and government for 7 years, they helped Bashar commit the worst genocide the region has seen, they bombed beirut by storing ammonium nitrate… but bro you should be happy they liberated us 🤡

  21. not a single arrest for storing the ammonium nitrate, nor a single arrest for assassinations. so yeah who’s gonna arrest anyone for rigging elections

  22. The moment Lebanon became a proxy country for Iran, is the moment Lebanese lost everything. The risk was extremely high and the reward was nonexistent

  23. the reward was عزة وكرامة وكوسى باللبن

  24. it’s rare to see people speak the truth as it is. bala lawfaki w laf w dawaran. Did she win btw?

  25. if it’s that important, i wouldnt send it with random pple from the internet. try DHL

  26. Armenia as a country is friends with Iran / Russia, and not on good terms with the west in general

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