1. When I first glanced at this I thought you were trying to figure out how to tell the kids you and your NP were together 🤣

  2. LOL omg!! But you’re right, some of the things the kids say will shock me!! But because the internet exposes so much

  3. Sorry if this comes off as stupid but why do you feel like you can’t just be like “I have a gf, her name is Taylor(or whatever it is.) she works in healthcare…” in the exact same way a straight person would be like “I have a bf, his name is Taylor, he works in healthcare” kids don’t think about sex when it comes to relationships the same way adults do. Like if I mention I have a bf to my NKs they’re going to be like “this is your special person.” Not like “this is who sees you naked…” I think I would be uncomfortable with a family that had an issue with approaching it in a normal-non sexual way. The only difference is learning the history of how used to, it was socially accepted and some people still feel that way; but now it is fine/normal/okay.

  4. Because I have, and they will say “girlfriend? Y’all kiss” and I’ll lie… it’s awkward

  5. I 100% believe shayne and shaina rumors are true. Shaina has a very obvious tell when she lies… the SQUINTING. Shayne didn’t show up cuz Shaina told him not to, her new (have a feeling wealthy) fiancé would be there and she knew Natalie would out them. Natalie gains nothing by lying about the situation. We all saw how shitty Shayne treated her. That could’ve been her perfect excuse for leaving

  6. Right!!! I do believe the rumors are true because they have ALWAYS been flirty, and they both did want each other… I think when Kyle was talking about Christine playing victim it threw me off a little

  7. Kyle putting Natalie down says a lot more about him than it does about Natalie. That was SUCH a major ick

  8. If you guys aren’t living together I really see no reason for you two to be sharing money. My bf(20) and I (19) have been together for 5yrs and just got our first place together a few months back. We still don’t share our money but definitely help one another out when one of us is struggling. Now that we are paying bills, things like going out to dinner isn’t really in our budget anymore. I would definitely have a conversation with her and just keep your money separate, if she wants food out, she can buy it. Obviously it’s nice to take each other out every once in awhile but she seems to be abusing your kindness. I would simply state that you don’t have the funds and if she wants to spend time together, she should think up some free activities. I’d suggest a picnic, walk in the park, swimming, etc. If she isn’t understanding, I’d really reconsider continuing the relationship. You’re supposed to be there to uplift each other, and not drag someone down just because you can. I’m so sorry you’re going through this OP, best of luck and update us if possible.

  9. Yeah, it’s getting to a point that it frustrates me when she complains she can’t see me but doesn’t plan anything, maybe a bit of time is what I need. Thanks!

  10. I remember your post about this from earlier this week. I'm glad that you were able to have that discussion, uncomfortable as it was to bring it up. I'm proud of you!! It's nice to hear that she feels so strongly about your relationship with the family, and that she really values your place with them. I was worried like others that perhaps they were trying to figure out how to communicate that they were done with your services, without actually having to say it out loud (passive aggressive much?) Lol. Relieved that isn't the case! But also baffled at the whole making you stay home during dinner thing. Out of curiosity, was that ever addressed? I totally understand if it wasn't!

  11. I ger it. The most important issue was addressed, so it's best for your mental health not to try to read DBs mind haha

  12. I do think maybe DB is the problem, I have always had a strong connect with mom, dad is just rarely there

  13. This sounds super strange. Did they ask you to complete a task while they were gone?

  14. You should absolutely start a youtube channel. If people don't like it, they can go somewhere else and you can brush them off. But the people who will like it won't ever get to see good content from a new creator. As for recommendations, I'm not a youtuber myself, but I have watched a lot of youtubers and (maybe) picked up a few things along the way. Don't take any of this as professional or maybe don't take it at all.

  15. I appreciate the advice!! I’ll be trying a few different things out and seeing how it goes from there

  16. You’re 18 and got all the time and energy in the world to shape your body the way you want it to be. Don’t be too hard on yourself, remember that what’s on the inside is what matters… but I get you. I hope you lose the weight soon, you got it brodie. Don’t let the shitty comments get in the way

  17. Damn that sucks, it was pretty expensive since it was custom made :( how do I know what fits?

  18. Feeling like a failure, I’m 24 and still live at home with my parents. I’m in school and work part time, pay for my school and my personal bills. I often feel unwanted and judged for taking long with school. I feel we’re expected to have our shit together when we don’t know wtf we’re doing.. but I feel like I’m taking too long to get my shit together and have been judged along the way for my age

  19. I’ve gotten the same thing from a single mom and swiftly sent her a link to local caregiving fb groups. no shame

  20. I hate that I don’t feel financially stable to cut her off, it’s extra money that helps. I guess I wanted to see if I was tripping for thinking this way but looks like I’m definitely in the right

  21. We’re not, my sister was her pre-k teacher. My sister has know the girl since she started at the Montessori school she works at since 4 months. That’s why we let her off the hook sometimes but now she’s pushing it

  22. I love this post but then read some comments and also see where they’re coming from too, though I am conflicted… recently I went to a close friend of mines wedding. She is very religious and is now married with another very religious guy, we been friends since childhood through church actually. Except I parted way with church since coming out a long time ago. Anyways, after receiving the invitation, I texted her to rsvp and asked if I can bring my girlfriend (I didn’t want to just bring her if there’s no space) and she said no because she needs to make sure her family and grooms family have a seat first but if that bothers me to not come….??? I was bothered by it because my gf and I have been together for 2 1/2 years and she’s hung out with us. Anyways, ended up going to the wedding alone and it was not as fun as I expected, didn’t have my dance partner and saw a lot of church faces I did not want to see. So I do think it can be rude in some circumstances (sorry for venting)

  23. Definitely. Im not sure why all tv shows only do the night-time stuff. Life long activities happened in the daytime. Watching spirits in the daytime is like watching a reflection of their activities when they were alive people.

  24. That totally makes sense, little things happen during the day like the door being open, lights on, sink running etc.

  25. Honestly!! I rather it be a ghost than someone breaking in lol

  26. Stop the carts. Completely. See a doctor. Throwing up bile for 10 days straight requires medical attention.

  27. My guy sounds like you got CHS. I got the same disease. You gotta a take a t break. It'll go away temporarily but it will eventually come back. I got diagnosed with it last week. Shit blows.

  28. What’s CHS? You still smoking weed? It definitely does suck lol

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