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  1. Because he makes people who oppose him look like mentally impaired idiots, hence the need to slur him. With all the papers he has written I believe he would have the equivalent of over 30 PHD's. I think he had Timothy Leary seat in Harvard, which is pretty impressive by itself.

  2. It might just be me, but I would not take advice from Schneider on any topic, comedy or politics.

  3. He is not giving advice, he is simply pointing out how badly SNL has fallen. Satire is the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. This is very hard to do if you're the one in power, this is why SNL and Late Night TV is so shit now. Everyone knew it has a liberal bias, but now the people that used to call out the man, are the man.

  4. Everyone thinks that Chevy Chase is a egotistical narcissist. So I would not take his comments on a show he got fired from that seriously.

  5. It has nothing to do with Chevy Chase or his character or personality, it is about how SNL has deliberately been used for close to half a century as a hyper partisan propaganda tool. The only difference between then and now though is they have gone full 'show all your cards' crazy, in the old days they used to hide it, that is why the CNN reporter was so surprised by his comments. But Rob Schneider said it best "Much late night comedy is less about being funny and more about Indoctrination by comedic disposition. People aren't really laughing at it as much as cheering on the rhetoric. It no longer resembles a comedy show, it's more like some kind of liberal Klan meeting."

  6. Because most people don't think for themselves, they think what they are told to think.

  7. I forgot, how far right is she?

  8. It depends on where you learned 'who this man is today' from. There are lots of one world government ultra progressives types that have done everything in their power to silence him.

  9. You might want to explore Amanita as it is legal in most of Europe. There is a new Microdosing book by a Russian Doctor who calls herself Baba Masha that has hundreds of testimonials, as well as preparation methods.

  10. If I was her child, I would have breastfed till I was 30.

  11. If you call out the Deep Dark State on a weekly basis, they are going to come for you. Especially when you have 6 million subscribers to your channel.

  12. This woman has a room temp IQ and no one should waste their time listening to what she has to say.

  13. She is crying out against her child being indoctrinated, it is a mother's love speaking against evil.

  14. There are few sites including his own on Youtube that are doing TikTok cuts now

  15. Because he has had a gut full of listening to indoctrinated drones who live in Disney like fantasies, telling the rest of the world how they should live. The "Let them eat cake" mindset JP is calling out, is the attitude from someone who really does not care about a group of people or does not understand their problems although they pretend to.

  16. For someone who isn't triggered, you seem incredibly upset about this.

  17. Yes I am upset that a monopoly of old school main stream media and modern social media are obviously manipulating the masses to push their own agendas, bankrupt the country and the rest of the world and make a fortune in the process. If you are not mad about that then you are numb or so lost down the woke rabbit hole it doesn't matter anymore. You are prescribing Manufacturing Consent like it is a new thing, the problem is that the people that used to fight the man now are the man. Neil Young is the best example as he is now worth 200 million dollars and is licking Daryl Hannah's pussy, but still lives in the mindset that he is fighting against Nixon. Look at the Clinton slush fund

  18. Neil Young is an old musician, who gives a shit what he thinks? Clinton is a neoliberal monster just like all the others, that's exactly who I'm talking about.

  19. Who else do you think is the face of manufacturing consent?

  20. If you want to know what it is like to view someone totally lost to the cult of identity politics, here you go. Calling people fascists because they don't agree with your myopic view of the world doesn't make it so. Could someone send this person a copy of the children's book The boy that cried wolf?

  21. That is why most TV and other forms of mainstream media are so shit, they feature not very clever opinion piece journo's, actors and celebs all looking to make a quick buck. And now with the Instagram/Tiktok crowd we have an army of narcissists that would flog their farts if there was a buyer and often there is because their audiences are so desperate to believe their snake oil claims. Zoe will be on the likes of The Project again before you can blink, flogging her new book, jade vagina egg, or gold plated ass scratcher.

  22. Let me goes COVID isn't real & Trump won the 2020 election?

  23. COVID is real and Trump didn't win the election, but Obama definitely killed thousand of innocent people with drones strikes, he won a Nobel Peace price for doing nothing, bailed out the banks with trillions of tax payer money with no one going to jail for the evil they had done (something which he gets rewarded $250,000 a speech for), he was a known associate of Bill Ayers (the man who blew up the capital building in the 1970's) and he removed Muammar Gaddafi, which allowed for slavery to return to Libya and a march of millions of refugees through the region to Europe. But with all that people for some reason still see him as Progressive Jesus.

  24. It seems people keep forgetting to thank him for this

  25. Yeah existing media titans can just buy them out too.

  26. Look at the venture capital funded media and social media outlets like Vox, Slate, Reddit, etc. they all have free reign to have such a bias. The only problem for them though is that the free investor money will eventually run out and if they don't turn a profit, then they will be shut down or sold off cheap. Even Netflix who is run like a venture capital funded big tech company, are losing subscriber numbers for the first time, so their paper worth is in freefall. Youtube presenters and podcasters, are the ones now being targeted by big money.

  27. Even though it is hard to tell anymore, I don't believe it is.

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