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  1. Each streamer has it setup differently, some have no tts, some have tts (but at different minimum bit) you need to check with the streamer.

  2. No, I thought affiliate could still restream? I thought I saw big twitch streamers stream on tiktok

  3. No affiliate can't stream to twitch and YT at the same time but you can stream to twitch and tiktok (from what I remember check the announcement from twitch)

  4. Not sure if there is a way to limit in sound alerts but I have setup similar thing with streamer bot where mods can get the attention of a streamer using a chat command so you can select the people that have access to the command

  5. You can't change the Name completely only capital letter (jonsmith>>JonSmith) if you want to change the name you need to change the user name to what you want but know there is a limit so you have to wait few months before you can change it again, and not sure if you can change to your old name later on or if you have to wait till it's available.

  6. I can't do it because my username has already been taken. I want to get name that looks different from username.

  7. You can't, your display name is your user name the only thing you can change in display name is the capitalization of the letters

  8. Wow, that's actually super spooky. I guess I should do some self research and see if there's anything I can do. I appreciate the feedback and transparency!

  9. It's better to have separate online email, social media, also if you have donations setup make sure you use business accounts since normal PayPal shows personal information.

  10. Could it be an acquaintance? Or were you playing an online game that people can get the ip?

  11. The mods who ban for compliments are the creepiest people because their mind usually goes to the gutter and usually have unhealthy parasocial relationship with their co worker. Sorry but it is facts. Most of the world still greets each other with compliments. I only been banned one time for calling an American girl beautiful and it turned out her boyfriend banned me. I'm sure your chat is filled with green dagger mods and bots and a starved entrepreneur who could of had a lucrative career because you mass ban people for complimenting.

  12. Nah, i hate to break it to you, but most don't want to be called beautiful, honey Etc by people they don't know on the internet.

  13. According to you tons of people on IG and YT are deserving of a ban for posting compliments, thumbs upping or hitting a heart emoji. You can look through YT post of streams and see what I say is facts. Literally tons of compliments. According to you if I clicked the purple heart emoji right under your thread that means like/love (which is much stronger feeling than pretty)would be creepy as well yet it is sanctioned by twitch itself. Reading chat or reading a post is the same. There is nothing different. The person isn't going to fly through the screen. It is ridiculous to think otherwise.

  14. bro help me I cannot create posts here to ask questions. I want to know Does a viewer need to be a sub or follower to watch ads?

  15. Once you are affiliated you will have ads, followers will have ads (pre rolls or scheduled ads) subscribers won't see ads (unless you enable it but that will be negatively viewed by subscribers since most people expect not to see ads as subs)

  16. and what about those people who are not followers or subscribers? they will get ads?

  17. Yes follower and non followers will get ads (non subs) subs don't

  18. I know a lot of streamers who don't have any of it and are successful, you have to set the boundaries from the start on what is acceptable and warn/ban anyone who steps over the line.

  19. Like that it's not possible, you can try something with streamer bot, and use a channel points redeem with text input.

  20. No there is no way to avoid it, unless you have permission from the artist you can't use it

  21. Would pitch shifting + tempo change work?

  22. Just don't use it, you can still get strikes, if you don't have permission to use it DON'T

  23. Read the rules, no self promo allowed.

  24. If you are using opera gx try different browser, and try disabling extensions (ad blockers Ffz, etc)

  25. You still need the 75+average, even then you still not guaranteed to get it, most partners I know had to apply 2-4 times before getting and by that time the were 120+ average.

  26. Had 82 average, first time applying and got it. There’s hope OP :)

  27. Iyea happens but rarely, I know one who is a celebrity outside of Twitch (verified on insta and Twitter) and took 10 months and 3 applications to get it.

  28. Opera gx is bugged use different browser or roll back the update

  29. A lot of people are having issues with opera gx, try different browsers or roll back the update

  30. Unless you are the streamer in question no you don't have access to the information

  31. What is your browser? Try a different one, also. Ake sure everything is the correct size and meets twitch requirements

  32. Yes twitch is aware of the issue and working to fix it (check Twitter for updates)

  33. Are they using opera gx browser? Seems like the new update is broken use different browser or roll back the update (the viewers have to do it in this case)

  34. Try different browsers a lot of people are complaining about issues with opera gx

  35. Ban anyone that ruins the stream for you or for your viewers.

  36. Unless you have a sound treated room, good audio setup, volume on the low end you will have bad mic quality.

  37. Post in English please, subreddit rules.

  38. Good on you, never allow others to ruin the streaming experience for you or others no matter how long they have been with you or how much support did they give.

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