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  1. I am not equating anything. I am saying this this described you perfectly

  2. I’m gonna give you an upvote to appease you. I’m fine with myself. Goodnight.

  3. Nah not at all you're right, misread that double negative thought they were saying there wasn't even a good or pleasant feeling

  4. No, i think I’ve been pretty objective with my opinion. It’s a drug and it gets you high. There’s a pleasant aspect to the high. It doesn’t change any of my opinions though.?

  5. Hope you’re able to manage that pain better now. Chronic pain is a terrible reality for so many.

  6. I appreciate the kindness. This whole experience has definitely given me a new perspective on what it’s like living with chronic pain.

  7. Finance? More like I dance…to the music I make when I finance my new flanger pedal!!!!

  8. No one is masking anymore at all tho. I live in a left wing metropolitan area (sorry for the redundancy) and I see very few masks. I don't think the branch covidians are even masking around here.

  9. I literally saw my doctor a few weeks ago, and didn’t wear a mask (bc the clinic stopped requiring them at the beginning of October), and he told me he was happy to see me with my mask off…

  10. It only backfired when people realized who was doing all the asian hate.

  11. It’s like some people don’t know how easy the guitar becomes after you’ve just been willing to put in the time and effort to actually learn it. Not saying it’s necessarily easy, but I’m sure someone will get my point. It’s like it’s really hard until it isn’t, and then it’s easy, natural and fun.

  12. Some of y’all are insane honestly. I feel like about 3/4 of this subreddit is “still shaking a bit” about something (from the podcast or unrelated).

  13. No, they don’t. That’s just your ego wrestling with being special. A good song just needs to be a good song. Chords play a big role in the song, but composition plays the biggest role. Compose a good song, even if it’s not full of complex chords.

  14. Who are these “experts” and how much did they pay Pfizer for their credential certification?

  15. The expert: some random person who just uttered the phrase “They’re safe and effective” to the journalist who wrote the article

  16. Believe the trust in the possibility of the science concluding that they might be safe and effective (but probably not against some cases).

  17. I would love to know how often they exercise (specifically cardio) and for how long they have regularly exercised.

  18. Do they regularly engage in resistance training? would also love to know how often they drink alcohol, as well as how often they smoke cigarettes and/or vapes. I’m curious as to if their diet consists of nutrient dense foods regularly, as well as a limited sugar intake. How often are they drinking water? Do they get good sleep, and do they get it regularly?

  19. I literally never knew of Chibson until right now, and I’m so intrigued. Is this the type of thing I’ve missed out on bc of deleting my Instagram years ago?

  20. And pretty. It’s hard to grow up as an attractive white girl with lots of money.

  21. He has been writing and producing pop hits since the early 2000s. No one was running him out of town for doing his job.

  22. Absolute shit player. Thumb over the fretboard, guitar low as fuck. She probably can’t even play a Bb6/9

  23. When we engage in self destructive behavior even though we know it’s not good and want to stop, is this a Reptilian influencing these decisions. Sometimes I feel as if I’m not even in control of my own self destructive decisions. There are things I want so badly to quit but I can’t and it’s almost as if I’m not even in control @astralrocker2001

  24. You can quit. You were given domain over your own body. Maybe you feel like you are not in control, but the question of whether or not you are all comes down to whose body it is and who is living your everyday life. In many ways, it might legitimately feel like it’s not you, but it is you.

  25. As a bass player of 21 years, all I have to say is “he would have that bass”

  26. It seems like Xi thinks Xi is grooming children? "Show us that you actually care. Non-binary youth people: grab my light stabber!" BringBlackMasks DartVadersSaber #IL

  27. 🤭. Guess what we accomplished today in Chicago? 7 carjackings in one hour on the west side..

  28. Ok, smarty pants. How much Ibanez Artwood could an Ibanez Artwood Art if an Ibanez Artwood could art wood? Let’s see you answer that one…

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