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  1. Are you experienced with his technique ? I would love to talk a little

  2. I'll send you a pm, thanks

  3. "Let's score some foggin goals guys"

  4. They say Brazilians take 2/3 seasons to turn into monsters, once they're ready physically it's over. WE GOT GABII

  5. Looks pretty much the same tbh, but he's bound to have improved regardless.

  6. I agree, It's actually impressive how he didn't manage to gain more muscle

  7. I have the same thing, if I yawn and stretch my neck upwards my node can get stuck under my jaw and cause extreme pain

  8. That's exactly what I do, or just explore the area around you when you get out.

  9. And when I think about the Mirror for example I shouldn't really be imagining it in my head right? More with my eyes like really seeing it. Not just looking at a picture?

  10. You start by imagining it, but at the same time you try to feel yourself physically there until you notice that you really do physically feel like you're there. At some point you'll feel a very big difference between just imagining and actually feeling like you're there.

  11. Didn’t know you could put hands on a ref

  12. Nah he's holding his arm up so he doesn't get a cramp

  13. Just gotta ask for consent first

  14. Let's get some foggin goals guys

  15. how do you get around using copyrighted material on merch? Maybe my country has diff laws sorry

  16. the art book is an original from 1999 so no issue for that. And I bought the sweat from redbubble. I don't think I will get in trouble for buying one (and the copyright holders don't seems to care that much anyway).

  17. Oh I thought you were selling merch, sorry my apologies ❤️

  18. I guess we do only win against small teams

  19. Hard to be too excited when it seems like he is quite possibly a rapist. Great goal nonetheless.

  20. True. I’m not saying he should be ostracised but at the same time acknowledging he may not be innocent.

  21. you're literally ostracizing him

  22. omg 9 comments this must be important /s

  23. Yes, the first ever user test I did asked me in the screener if I'd ever used a particular app. I hadn't, so I clicked "no" and qualified. They are looking for people who don't already have an opinion on the app, kind of like how in court cases they want a jury who has no prior knowledge on or opinions about a case.

  24. The test either filled up or they were looking for people who haven't used the app.

  25. Is that what happens when you're filling out a form and it randomly disappears?

  26. What would be the best way of attracting more support of football for Arsenal in America. Or is it a thing of just a small increase over time. If the World Cup is in America would that be the biggest pull towards new football fans?

  27. More Americans playing at the top level would help, which won't happen anytime soon. They need to implement the European Academy system if they want people to play.

  28. Not everyone has hurricanes though. People will eventually migrate from Natural Disaster Zones.

  29. Right, the archons showed him what he would have wanted to see based on his personal beliefs. Any thoughts on why he would have been sent back? As a messenger of propaganda?

  30. Yeah you'll eventually end up back onto the material plane if you leave at death with the wrong conscience

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