1. Don't panic and stay on course with funding your investments. You can always change up your asset allocation if that makes you sleep better at night. But basically you are buying more shares because the share price is low.

  2. Thank you. Where do you keep that emergency fund? We also need cash for an eventual move.

  3. I have a credit union that has rates similar to a money market, and I keep about 6 months of cash there. The remainder I alternate in into short term CDs. I just looked at Fidelity's CD rates:

  4. I use 133°F and a 3/4" sirloin will cook for 120 minutes, and 1" thick steaks go for 90 minutes. You will need to bump the times, but start the sirloin first, then add the steaks.

  5. Why? Is it really going to hurt any of those steaks to leave them in for an extra 30 minutes? Even 60 minutes?

  6. In general SV theory no, you can always go a little longer. On the other hand, you have the ability to change your water temp by 0.5° and really fine tune different meats.

  7. It's all engineering and design. Many things have a 300% safety factor built in, so a tiny weld is all that's needed, but they make it larger just for the visual appeal.

  8. 👍 Leftover pastrami is awesome in any kind of breakfast dish.

  9. Those are some big thighs. Since taste and tenderness scores carry more weight than appearance scoring, it's really hard to guess how the 157.7 rolled out. But given that the box would be judged from a front view I could see some 7's in appearance as the judges are looking at the ends. Many teams go out of their way to hide the ends, here is an example.

  10. One other detail most cooks might not realize is that a judge takes less than 4 seconds to score for appearance.

  11. The ventilation holes are a great touch.

  12. To address your question about expenses in a typical budget, below is a link to a sample retirement worksheet. Scroll down the page and it has a good section showing expenses.

  13. Woah, that is huge. It says boneless, do you think part of the picnic is included?

  14. I used to be able to get whole bone-in shoulders, in the 18# range they are hard to find. I'm going to Costco later this month and will look for these.

  15. The announcement date is Oct 15th. Your survivor benefit that you're currently receiving will be increased by whatever the COLA is for 2023.

  16. I believe it’s October 13. But I could be wrong

  17. Very creative cross-hatching! On occasion I make Spam hash and serve it 'skillet' style.

  18. Who is the pan manufacturer? Looks slick

  19. I have a collection of Griswold and Wagner cast iron pans and griddles, some over 100 years old. You can find them at garage sales or on eBay.

  20. You mentioned 26 years old, are you being dropped from your parents insurance? So, you have researched the info on the link below, and for some reason you have a gap in coverage? Something doesn't sound right. I have friends that have bounced back and forth from Marketplace to employer plans several times, and have not heard of a delay.

  21. Yes. I just turned 26 on September 25th. My last day of insurance on my parents plan was September 30th.

  22. I would agree you may be in a unique gray area, insurance usually ends at midnight at the end of the month, and companies need a heads-up when starting new coverage so there is no overlap in coverage. I would call Healthcare.gov early in the morning at 1-800-318-2596. They were always very helpful for me. Just tell them your facts and ask how they can help solve your problem.

  23. You are a CSR master 👍.

  24. Even when food competitions use non-certified judges, and especially when they use celebrity judges (like a local disc jockey or the Chief of Police), it's usually hit and miss for the contestants. Even if the judges get a 10 minute crash course on scoring, most will revert back to their own tastes.

  25. Yeah I think it’s an issue of unsophisticated judging. I certainly should not have won, but the winner shouldn’t have either. I asked around today and got my scores in an effort “to know where I might improve”.

  26. Well now you have some insight on how to cook for the judges.

  27. I've seen some of the Century brand, but never a Forney.

  28. Well, you are going to have trimming scraps anytime meat is broken down into retail cuts. Seems like a logical plan to add a little more value to a wagyu beef.

  29. Are you storing dry goods in jars, or are you asking about canning foods that has been compacted (for lack of a better description)?

  30. Thank you so much!!!! Reddit never fails you guys are the best

  31. You're welcome. I had to chuckle this afternoon because on a hunch I looked at a Montana Extension Canning Guide (dated 1947) since you were talking about a "Grandma" recipe. I found the exact one above from the Marianski book. Exact wording other than the spelling of Tabasco. So it's fair to say it's been around for quite some time.

  32. We are Montana/North Dakota so yup that fits perfectly! I appreciate you!

  33. Now that is a coincidence.

  34. Good question, I bet one of the Fidelity Mods will chime in tomorrow. I was under the impression that even cash in a Roth account was under the Roth umbrella. Have you met the 5-year holding requirement? Or will the money be returned with the 60-day window?

  35. I don't have kids, so I have not researched the types of funding you are considering. My longtime neighbor with 3 adult kids set up a trust which made regular payments to the kids after his passing.

  36. Yeah, just went ahead and created the separate brokerage account. Appreciate the guidance!

  37. Good on that. Having a taxable brokerage account will allow you to purchase individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, etc.

  38. I'm proof that planning and the system works. We retired in 2019 with some cash and investment income earmarked until 2022 when Social Security would kick in. Returns through January of 2022 were better than expected. 2022 returns are annoying but SS covers 2/3 of our living expenses and dividends add to that. We have not had to tap into any investments so far and won't until share prices are back on the rise.

  39. You have gotten some really good insight here so far. My comments focus on Social Security. If your parents are not signed up at

  40. This should be a long enough horizon for the markets to exit the bear territory and recover. And, if the returns actually do fall into the range your advisor believes, then he will have to work harder to keep your returns closer to the 5.5% number.

  41. I’m curious if anyone reads the posts here before just asking this stuff?

  42. And let's not forget one more:

  43. Wow... Their target is 85% success rate at 30 years and their worst case is calling for 2.8%, but it's also calling for a 50/50 stock + intermediate term bonds blend with quarterly rebalancing.

  44. Asset allocation is an important component, as is annual rebalancing. What is interesting however, is the fact that not all financial gurus are recommending high percentage of bonds. Years ago there was an old rule-of-thumb that you should own a percentage of bonds equal to your age, then several others that were in the 60/40 range.

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