1. No, it is not going to be a nuke...It is going to be fire caused by new unknown weapon, not in possession of the West... Listen carefully to what Putin says and also Medvedev...Medvedev talks about fire.

  2. Us Aussie’s naturally go bare feet, my English inlaws call us the bare foot brigade no wonder they have a stiff upper lip.

  3. Walking bare feet in Australia is great, but you are all vaxed there..Hopefully the walking helps.

  4. I’m not, I’ve never been jabbed ever, not even childhood vax for me.

  5. No link to anything you mentioned...? We just going with the "Trust me Bro"?

  6. It was reported on RT that the Ukrainian military did attack the civilians, not the Russians...Who is being honest here?

  7. So post the link to the RT article. It’s not rocket science

  8. We need some form of miracle for all the lies and propaganda and aggression to stop...The normal people can not do anything to halt the beast that is reaching in every corner of the earth.

  9. So Putin is drafting 1.2 million men and issuing them rusted weapons because the special military operation is going so well?

  10. I don’t believe anyone is scared of Russian anymore, at least from all the people I have talked to (in the US).

  11. In the US ....you listen to anti Russian propaganda not since February 24th this year, but for decades..Russia is not losing the war. Get the other side of the story before posting, OP. Perhaps you are too young..

  12. If it were that shedding of the vax is affecting the unvaxed then we would have seen way way more health issues than what we have at the moment...Don't overlook the fact that all vaxines are not the same either..It is all experimental.

  13. Seriously just a flat earth whack job… do they really allow everything in this sub?

  14. OP, most are devoid from an individual thinking process...They need to be told from authority in order to see it.

  15. Where are you from, OP? What your country men do think about the sabotaged Nord Stream pipeline?

  16. France? Mexico? There are plenty of countries that could fall out of line that the CIA hasn’t done this too.

  17. Did you fly from the US to Europe/ Amsterdam? I thought the shots are not mandated for flying anymore..

  18. I want to ask respectfuly if the earth is flat why do we have sunset and sunrises? And why do ships disappear when they go far on the sea?

  19. I believed in the globe like everyone...The truth of our reality will come to you if you are willing to accept the knowledge.

  20. Why are you lying again, misleading naive readers?

  21. Daily drops of truth no one was allowed to know prior to vaccination for the super contagious and deadly virus jovid 19

  22. I don't think the HPV vaccine makes a lot of sense. Totally worth looking into what specific strains does it prevent, what are the chances a person who contracts those strains go on to develop a disease, are there other strains that also cause issues the vaccine does not address....and the big one, do I feel like my child needs this at this point in their life, or can it wait...will they ever need it?

  23. I tend to think he’s a good guy and the deep state is trying to take him out; very suspicious

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