1. There are multiple creation stories. I'm not sure if any of them have all of those specific details, though

  2. Maybe, there’s too many theories talk about SCP creation story and we don’t know which one is true.

  3. Whichever one you like best is true. That's the beauty of not having a set canon

  4. One is ice and only affects water, one is a crystal and affects almost anything

  5. So that we don't have to scroll through thousands of articles in different languages to get to one we can read...

  6. That's pretty normal if you're PT. Sometimes, if it gets bad enough, they'll let FT people donate hours

  7. I "donated" today. Only 3 hours. It's the end of the half/ quarter management wants a bigger bonus thing

  8. We didn't get the option this year. Last year I gave up every Wednesday for a month. That was pretty sick

  9. First, I appreciate that you're reading them in order. I always recommend that, and everyone disagrees. Secondly, yeah those things often seem like they're being used as a crutch when the author can't think of something

  10. Anything can fight anything. Could he win? Maybe. Could he survive the encounter? Absolutely

  11. They're gonna say no, because there are rules for that that you should have read

  12. Okay? I thought I was following all set guidelines. I simply contacted a member of staff about this. If they say no, then its no. I just had an idea I wanted to share, nothing more

  13. This happens every Thursday, and every Thursday someone freaks out about it

  14. Just to throw out a more sane option than biting someone: if you're not being allowed to exit a room by another adult, especially if it's malicious, that's involuntary imprisonment in most places. Literally call the police if they refuse to let you out because that is never okay.

  15. That's why I got permission from my boss to take my breaks at different times from everyone else

  16. It's the only machine that I recommend people get certified on. It's the most useful thing in the store

  17. Which WoD? Old versions don't play well together and I don't have much experience with new editions?

  18. It's still a corporation, of course, but it's better than most. Best of a bad lot is still in a bad lot, though.

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