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  1. Have 2 standing for Dublin Friday night for sale at face value

  2. I have 2 tickets for the Saturday night that I want to swap for the Sunday night, message me if you are interested. Thanks

  3. I’m looking to swap two Sunday tickets for the Saturday, if you’re still looking

  4. The sainsbury's in Lisburn has half a kosher aisle. The only specific kosher shop on the island is in Dublin I think.

  5. She’s an Oxford grad and obviously not thick. Most of these politicians are highly intelligent but also morally bankrupt due to an overwhelming thirst for power. Could describe plenty of the people who vote for them as thick though

  6. ECHR nothing to do with EU. It’s the court of the Council of Europe, which was thought up by Winston Churchill. I guess Churchill is now a woke leftie?

  7. It’s on BT sport so most pubs will be able to show it. You might have to ask them to put it on as College basketball is not popular here

  8. It's 6 of the 9 counties, so majority of Ulster is Northern Ireland. The Rugby team is called Ulster, why not say Ulster.

  9. The rugby team is called Ulster because there are rugby teams in Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan that are part of the Ulster branch and play in Ulster competitions

  10. This is up on Bella Union - £140 for same box? Can’t be right

  11. Aye exactly this. Gove is a slimey wee scrote - same boy compared the Good Friday Agreement to appeasing the Nazis

  12. “In 2015, 147 (33 %) of the 450 river water bodies were classified as good or high overall status. In 2018, 141 (31 %) of river water bodies were classified as good or high overall status. In 2021, no river water bodies achieved good or high overall status.” Pretty disgraceful

  13. 2000 cases today. New African variant. Vaccine passports used in ROI and throughout Europe. Reported increase in people getting vaccinated due to passports. And the DUP come out with this shite

  14. Vaccine passports encourage vaccinations. Vaccinations reduce transmission and greatly reduce serious illness. There are many scientific studies by epidemiologists that show this.

  15. They’ve taken the regular Sunday Independent and replaced some of the Dublin centric stories with content from the Sunday Life. Thought it wasn’t bad for a pound. In fairness they seem to have reduced the number of knobs that they have writing for them - hope they were embarrassed by the likes of Eoghan Harris

  16. He got £253,824 in salary and expenses last year as an MP and he’s at this nonsense for extra cash. What a miserable scrote

  17. Aye I saw one in the Lagan with a fish in its mouth about 2 years ago. Saw a rake of seagulls going nuts and the next thing thon seal popped it’s head up

  18. I’d agree with this. The high achievers who come out of the grammar school system here are quite likely to head to GB or elsewhere for college and never come back. Where as I’d say a much higher % of the equivalent Dublin cohort would never have to leave Dublin as the colleges are better and they have way more opportunities. You see at Christmas and summer time here, suddenly lots more young middle class families about who all disappear once holidays are over. People talk about the Malone road or wherever, but the % of Belfast neighborhoods that are shiteholes is huge

  19. As far as I know, American citizens do have to pay tax when working overseas.

  20. This is correct, US passport means you pay taxes wherever you live, but it should be zero unless you’re a big earner. Also means you get the stimulus checks, which was nice 💵

  21. Errigle will probably have it on the big screen. Also Sweet Afton usually has the rugby on. Or else the local rugby clubs will have it.

  22. Yes, indie and HMV it looks like. Cheapest I’ve seen is £42 with Banquet

  23. Pootsie Tootsie is getting the bootsie!

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