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  1. I legit only noticed because of the tire tread. Once I spotted that I picked up on a few other things. FH5 is unreal!

  2. Just a guess.... probably a newer or different spring/hinge design that looked good on paper but poorly executed..... or bad repair techs lol

  3. Thank you. I’ll give it a whirl! If I had known, I would of pulled the hinges off our old dead Jennair. She closed like an auditorium door!

  4. Ha! So true. Thankfully both my cars have functional exhaust tips

  5. 1in wool & cashmere buffing ball + a power drill or dremel will save those hands from carpal tunnel!

  6. I’ll check it out! My fingers and nail beds were in so much pain last night I couldn’t sleep! I didn’t know that was possible.

  7. Can anybody see this post? Looking for some help please

  8. Flamin heck it reset all my buttons. UI is gorgeous tho

  9. Yep. I can’t stand this update. The game is prettier, but my controller is useless now.

  10. I gotcha dude. Yeah. So you have the 530i, 540i and those trim levels have the “M Sport Package”. Then you have the M550i which has the M sport Package as standard.

  11. The M550i and M5 share a decent bit, however under the skin the brakes, suspension, engine, transfer case, and a multitude of other items are beefed up.

  12. With enough juice, sure. Try when it’s wet first though. Get a big circle going and increase speed/throttle until the rear starts to get loose.

  13. My thought is that I never have these issues with Hue. OP I hope you solve this but for anyone else who is planning on buying smart lights, Hue might be expensive but neither I or any of my customers have ever had a single issue with hue lighting in the 3 years my business has been working with smart home appliances. I can not say that about any other smart lights we've used or supported.

  14. Hue is now on order. I didn’t know companies made shit this bad still 😂🤣🥲

  15. If you want to buy any smart switches, Lutron works perfectly with hue and is just as reliable. They also make a dial that slips over existing switches called "Aurora", which is super easy to use, set up and works great. I used it mainly because my house is old and doesn't have the 4th neutral wire that most smart switches and outlets need. It's also MUCH cheaper than swapping out every outlet and/or switch. It allowed me to configure my lights so that each room could still be controlled from the existing switches, even if that switch didn't previously control the outlet that light was plugged into.

  16. Well, I have Cree Connected, RGB 100W in my office and LOVE them. So I’m thinking I’m going to order a Lutron switch for testing. Hue is obviously the best, but I do like to experiment

  17. Every fucking update takes 24+ hours for me. I legit almost uninstall this “game” every time. I’ve been downloading for 29 hours.

  18. This is my first time experiencing an issue and it’s really infuriating because it can’t even play the game anymore

  19. Welcome to the club. Updates are rolled out in the worst possible manner in my eyes.

  20. I’m a simple man, I see a dog and a battlestation, I press upvote :D

  21. Thanks homie. Amazon special, haha

  22. How strange do you think it would be to make that whole side wall a mirror? Expensive I know, but just throwing ideas.

  23. That actually sounds really awesome! I’ll hit the next gym that is closing and try to buy a wall mirror for $100

  24. I have been through the exact same thing, very similar timeline.

  25. I'm just at the start of the chargeback process with Chase. Do you have any advice about the process - like what information has been useful to provide to the bank, and how Vail has attempted to dispute the chargeback?

  26. Sorry for the late reply. I have no advice, 5th time reopening the dispute.

  27. Do not buy epic pass. They are a horrible company

  28. Do not buy epic pass. They are a horrible company.

  29. I’m SOL. Been trying to get a refund since November 2020. 4 CC disputes, hundreds of emails and dozens of calls. I haven’t spoken to a single person.

  30. They refund no one. And they have no customer service for appeals.

  31. I read that article. They are scumbags.

  32. Is there a VR headset that has good quality video? Everyone I have used is awful

  33. My Rift S is pretty good. It’s not 4K but I genuinely am impressed most of the time

  34. Congrats, she's a beauty! I picked mine up a little over a week ago and have been loving it.

  35. That’s awesome! What options did you go with?

  36. Everything except the leather dash. I don't know why I cheaped out on the $750 for that, lol.

  37. I cheaper out on that too. I don’t think the Sensatech looks bad though. I’m sure if I saw the leather I’d be pissed.

  38. Yo! Still waiting! She’s on the ship and should arrive by end of December.

  39. If you hit my BMW on there site you can register and enter your build number.

  40. “On the first mask of Christmas my true love gave to meeeee”

  41. If you close your eyes, this is what my thoughts sound like.

  42. Congrats! I’m waiting for my production to begin!!

  43. Thank you! Wasn't aware of this, I'll call the dealer in the morning and get the number.

  44. Yep! Create an account on BMW USA and add your vehicle. I have mine loaded!

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