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  1. That is one of the reasons most if the time I listen to hard rock music. I feel irritable almost always, but thlse songs make me feel like someone else is suffering the same as me, so they understand me. Even if it is an imaginary person, It makes me feel more comfortable

  2. 18. I don't remember being another way, but I do remember asking my parents for help or to be taken to psychiatrist many times only to be dismissed. Once at 15 they took my to one and he prescribed sertraline for only 2 months tho. I felt completely like another person, like I could not have any wrong feeling, it was all peace and quiet in my mind.

  3. I cannot be productive in any of the most intense parts of any of my episodes. And have never been stable.

  4. Yup. The problem for me was that some of them were unable to understand most of that was caused by the disorder, and labeled me as toxic but "hanged out with me anyway, because they were good" . I am glad I don't have those people in my life and I have better coping mechanisms instead

  5. Same. "Stable" is the place where horses live. That's it.

  6. Bipolarity can show symptons similar to ADHD and viceversa. Bipolar type 1 can have psychotic episodes. Also, bipolar people experiment anxiety and depression very often while on episodes. That is my 2 cents

  7. I broke up with my physically abusive(among others) boyfriend over text. Said it didn't count and it was rude and disrespectful not to do it in person.

  8. Since the moment I read "abusive" I think breaking up by text was very justified

  9. I kind of know it’s just that I used to take another sedative and the dose was 2 pills and he switched this sedative and the dose is half a pill… and the first time I needed it I accidentally took two pills which made me feel better

  10. If the doc changed the meds, they will have different strength even if they are both sedatives. Better take the recommendation

  11. I had an accident in last grade of high school: a motorcyclist hit me, my face hit the street when I fell which caused me several fractures next to my left eye. I got surgery and had like a month at home to rest.

  12. if you had not done it you would have been imprisoned and people need more than the physical needs covered to thrive

  13. I don't have DID, but I have had many therapists and none of them tried to make me talk about my past a lot. Even if I wanted to, they would retrieve my attention to the actual techniques to help me cope with those experiences, and not talk and remember too much. We would talk about my past if there are recent events that are affecting me now and I need advice or on the first sessions to know how I am and what I need.

  14. To be asked to do or be better, while it is never enough how much you go, they always demand and expect more from you and when you say anything their reasons are "is for your own good". I am an adult and my own person I deserve to choose what is "my own good"

  15. I feel like all my life has been raining over me. Who am I without the rain?

  16. I think it makes me more empathic because one never knows what the other person might be going through. And helps me to go stronger on whatever thing I obsess over, when I wanted to learn about self help I read dozens of books of self help, when I wanted to design a good hamster cage, I watched dozens of videos and read dozens of articles in websites about the topic, etc.

  17. When I had emotional outbursts and cried or yelled my truths at my parents, they victimized themselves and were because "one day I was going to hit them." I was 8 years old, and a skinny little girl.

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