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  1. Wait, hasn't it been reported that the killer was one of their own, a non binary person? But they don't believe he is a them/they person, as then the shooting does not fit their narrative.

  2. Yeh, anytime anyone claims anything about their gender that is their true gender and youia bigot to even dare ask questions about what the hell that means.

  3. He should have claimed that it was an abortion to get less

  4. He'd be getting paid interviews on the view and an audience with the president

  5. And just like that, the private company defence goes right out the window and they want Twitter regulated

  6. That POS is not non-binary. He's a troll, just in the same way that Tucker Carlson's twitter bio says that his pronouns are she/hers

  7. I'm pretty sure legal documents are not in the same ballpark as "Twitter bio"

  8. He looked directly at a Jewish conservative women and said she's supporting Nazi's. Most of his slanders are on video so.. yeh

  9. I'm pretty sure Musk has said multiple times they will follow the laws of the countries they're in

  10. Antarctic sea ice has stayed the same and the Great Barrier Reef is in recovery…… all those doomsday predictions circa early 2000s were bullshit. Yet here we are, people are now bought in more than ever….any sort of skeptic view on the topic is excommunicated from the religion of climate academia.

  11. The great barrier reef has also died and regrown like 5 times before humans had a hand in anything. All this change only feels new to us because we've been on the planet for %0.007 of Earth's history

  12. If anyone got hurt they have that lovely Canadian healthcare all Canadians love to go on and on and on about.

  13. Too bad you die waiting for 6 hour lines or if you need a specialist it literally takes 2-4 years to get an appointment.

  14. "you could have been hurt, so we trampled a lady with a horse. You're welcome."

  15. And yet they re-elected him in 2021. People still defend him to this day. That's how I know it's time to move if I can.

  16. Yes, Russia is on the Asian continent, Ukraine is on the border of Asia and Europe.

  17. Well...not really, traditionally Asia starts at the Urals, which are way behind Moscow

  18. %77 of Russian territory is in Asia. Are we really going to argue semantics?

  19. Well when you have a history of throwing your allies directly under the bus, people think twice when there's other competitors on the rise.

  20. They're lucky they are a mutli lifetime multi billion dollar corporation. A new company would have bankrupted themselves 7 times over by now. Leftism is a blood sucking leech. Get woke go broke

  21. If will of the people is what's important, then the large majority of Canadians and the vast majority of residents of Ottawa disapproved of the protests and wanted them removed.

  22. That's objectively false. By polling data the approval was a 50)50 split. Only the residents of Ottawa who were understandably disturbed had a low approval. That was also despite the entire media arm propagating lies about the ground situation.

  23. Knowing people who live in Ottawa, that's full of crap. The entire city was sick of their shit and they were blockading billions of dollars worth of trade on top of that. It wasn't in any way peaceful.

  24. Fear of maybe violence isn't violence and doesn't warrant tanks

  25. Yes, that was the problem. The blockage should have been cleared. It wasn't. The police refused to. And the bridge blockage was about to erupt.

  26. Then you fire the police chief, not initiate a crack down on people in the inner city with women and children and elderly who blocked nothing, or freeze bank accounts of donors who donated before the blockades were even a thing..

  27. What did they expect with it in Qatar?

  28. I honestly think they're in such a delusion bubble they actually think they can just show up like it's no big deal. Just totally ignorant to the rest of the world.

  29. Eh, not exactly how it went. Here, I’ll simulate it in a conversation using your analogy.

  30. Was the promise made by the Qatari government and legal documents were made?

  31. Ah good. We can't afford a 4 lane highway here but we'll give eastern Europe 500 million to murder each other with no end in sight based off principal.

  32. Might be faster if we cover which ones I wouldn't:p

  33. I feel like people are starting to realize that black Friday deals are not that great.

  34. They used to but now it's a giant scam. They just double the price and put a %50 off tag on it and hold "black Friday week"

  35. Am I the only conservative who has some worries about climate change?

  36. My only worry is we're wasting time on the pipe dream of mitigation instead of adaptive infrastructure

  37. To be fair, most of these mass murderers do it for infamy. I don't follow CNN or know anything about their policies - but not showing the images of any mass murderer has become pretty common so as not to give them the attention they want.

  38. I agree, the issue is the double standard to this rule. when the shooter looks white they put the photos up before the bodies are even cold. The massage parlor is a perfect example. They had photos of him and his arrest several hours after the incident and claiming it was a white supremacists exorcising an anti-asian hate attack.

  39. Attention, which the media insists on giving by projecting their names and manifestos as loud as possible

  40. Their overall homicide rate remained steady from 1996-2002, and had actually increased in 1999 before finally dropping off a cliff in 2002. I think the real question is what happened in 2002.

  41. Someone on the Reddit main page asked if he was nonbinary. I replied with yes. Immediately got downvoted to hell and called out for "believing what only one attorney has said". They only believe what helps their side.

  42. It's really brought out the weird double standards with the whole idea of nonbinary. Notice

  43. They claim the standard is simply the act of declaration makes it true. But the media covering the shooter, after their narrative blew up was suddenly "well there's no evidence of them being a they/them"

  44. Not only are the children posing with the bears, but the papers on the table is the legal documents for Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.

  45. What's it called when you arrive at the bottom of the slippery slope and then the ground opens up and you fall further? I think I'll need to know this soon.

  46. The leftist who piss and moan about colonialism travel somewhere else and immediately demand they change their entire culture and law to be in line with themselves. Do mirrors exist in university?

  47. I'm not particularly even a fan of hers but i'm happy about this, less censorship, less bullshit partisan bans will always be good.

  48. The only reason anyone started to know who she was, was democrats and their sycophantic media arm, wanted to use her as a brush to paint all republicans with.

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