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  1. Thanks for this amazing app Christian! Alpha tester for life!

  2. The portion they showed of doing labeling in SF was done by one person in a couple weeks, we should soon see some dramatic improvements in other big cities I’d hope. Glad to see the fleet data being used in this way. Very excited for the next builds we get.

  3. The problem (from my perspective) is that everyone has an issue with one thing or another related to sites, and then you often have inconsistent reporting either with incorrect information or clear bias in the reporting. I can’t say even I know of a “good place”. You just tend to have these extremes on each end. But I’d love to know what people know of that I don’t.

  4. FSD code is not on the freeway, that is navigate on Autopilot

  5. Then I assume the title is meant to say "when" rather than "than". CC mods

  6. You can’t do that though. Tesla is building their robot on the backs of those giants. You really think none of those people leveraged any insights from BD? lol. I’m sure you also think that space-x built rockets without prior knowledge too. Lol

  7. I didn’t say that. Is BD currently using AI at scale? My point is that you can’t just compare version 1 from Tesla with version 10 from BD as an example.

  8. I guess I don’t understand your point then? I didn’t see anything crazy in the demo that I haven’t seen before. A robot just walking on a stage and waving doesn’t hype me up. People are in here talking about how they are leapfrogging BD with this silly little demo, and they don’t even have a walking “production” version? Can’t get it to walk, but it smokes BD? Lol

  9. If you really want to get in-depth with it, you could dye some red, orange, and/or yellow streaks into the brush part of the broom, so that it would kind of make it look like flames shooting out the bottom of a rocket

  10. Oh nice idea. I’ll take a flame to it later.

  11. yep yep. We'll have a megathread for the event with links as well.

  12. Don't have it up yet. Look for the post tomorrow mid-day.

  13. Do you still have the foam inserts from the box? If so maybe you can use them in a way in the center console

  14. Thanks for the p.s. fixed. Yeah time flies here.

  15. Look dude, I’m like 15 clips in on your profile and I’m trying to sleep. I’m wide awake. Also, you in MD anytime soon? Lol

  16. Would be interesting to see the headers in the email from Tesla to see if it's actually being sent by Tesla.

  17. Definitely was, I communicated with the guy who had the TeslaNance Reddit acct and he replied to me with a Tesla domain.

  18. check out his channel, he has a video on how he gets this view :)

  19. Well said. In the subreddits mentioned above, there’s no point in trying to fight and educate people because the army of bots just down vote to oblivion. Just get buried at the bottom.

  20. You think that we should censor opinions? It is a fan-focused community but you can't just remove comments you dislike. I agree it was nicer when it was smaller, but what can we do about it? What would you do differently with a subscriber count of near 2 million?

  21. I had one repaired while in warranty. Then the other when I was out of warranty. It happens.

  22. In a SpaceX interview. Never said they don’t patent for Tesla, at least from what I recall from that interview.

  23. Believe design patents are often copied in other countries, which explains why they don’t do it for rocket design.

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