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  1. They are not hired lol. But they are very salty people that lost money and in order to feel good about themselves they just want to see this token die. So just ignore them, when a new bull market starts and sfm starts releasing new products they will all be gone.

  2. A token with 10% tax will forever be considered a garbage ponzischeme. If a next bullmarket occurs, safemoon will be like the 99% of tokens/coins that never recovered after the 2017 bullrun.

  3. Accumulation 😜 I would just hold. And pay taxes from my business account funds

  4. Ahh, and are they also charged more to offset the first transfer fee or are you accepting a dicsount for SFM payments?

  5. If you hold a token that as a tax fee. Then as an holder of that token, you will understand the tax fee on your side. So if you paid with sfm you would need a 10% tax fee ontop. Being relatively new, my prices are quiet cheap anyways so won't really effect the outcome from other people's quotes in the area.

  6. That’s correct I believe safemoon will be the first for cryptonomics

  7. Apologies if a dumb question - is this use of V1 LP to buy V2 the main reason why the price of V2 has been fairly stable recently compared to the rest of the market?

  8. Gemini is one of the better regulated exchanges. They don't list ponzi's afaik.

  9. They can’t compete — Safemoon is already a year ahead in development. Eventually people will realise they should just buy Safemoon 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Safemoon true leaders in the industry? Lmaoooooooooo

  11. This is straight up nonsensical rambling. Who falls for this?

  12. Whenever you see redditors post positive comments, just remember to click on them and laugh about their -95% bags in a ponzi coin that is losing liquidity daily.

  13. I have worked in the web development business professionally off and on for 15 years. This is a few days worth of work if you're using a pre-made dashboard kit. Without one, up to a week if you're trying to be ocd.. Then again, I've known some designers who can shell these mockups out in two days. That's because they repetitiously shell out designs daily for a living.

  14. But do you also agree that a really incompetent dev or team would need a couple of months for these mockups?

  15. And what if we get listed on Binance? Price might go up 200-300 percent compared to todays. That don't mean shit, we still going to be about minus 80 percent from all time high... What we need are products!

  16. Why would it go up that much? Who would be buying? People already bagholding or do you think outsiders would want to buy it?

  17. Most new tokens have tokenomics. If Binance is the first big exchange that figures this out, they have a huge advantage. It is simple business.

  18. Trying to get traction for the removal of transaction fees.

  19. Not really. ASICS are used for bitcoin, but ethereum however is still mined with GPUs. I'd say most GPU mining is done for ethereum. The thing is that ethereum is moving to prove of stake before the end of the year which will seriously lower tge demand for GPUs by miners.

  20. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/SafeMoonInvesting/comments/u1bhft/v1_vs_v2_price/

  22. You can’t. Best thing to do is to extract the daily price from CMC on V1 and V2 and then divide V2 price by 1,000, then plot them on your own chart in excel.

  23. Yeah I was wondering if there was a site that did that automatically. I don't understand why V1 is listed on coingecko/cmc anyways if it's not traded.

  24. It's a centralised garbage fork of ethereum that also copies over the current state of ethereum. It's not an airdrop. If I hold USDC now, I will get USDC tokens 'airdropped', but nobody is going to apply a value to any of those tokens.

  25. Fskn says:

    Long press the screen with 3 fingers untill the screenshot prompy pops up, from there you can adjust the frame of what you want to screenshot, there is also a button for scrolling screenshot, which this is, it will scroll the screen down to wherever you decide them form one long screenshot.

  26. Not sure reddit compressed it... Just a built in feature on android.

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