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  1. First time was a lump. Second time my gf noticed it was larger. I had no idea, checked it the next day, even larger. That one one was like nothing they had seen, fast growing and grew extremely fast.

  2. Woah. That second one sounds crazy, had no idea it could escalate that fast. I've got something up with that area ATM, but sounds more like an infection going why what I've read.

  3. Get it checked. I was told my first one was an infection and sent home with antibiotics. My brain told me something was off. I had to talk my doctor into an ultrasound. It was cancer.

  4. Thanks, I'm seeing the doc tomorrow and will do!

  5. And before it was 100% controlled narrative by governments. So why are people so outraged at this when worse was happening before he took over...

  6. Realise that you can re wire how you think. I used to be nihilistic, from quite a young age actually. I thought I was "seeing the reality" or truth of the situation. Truth is it's all negative self talk and beliefs. Realise that with effort you can re wire and reprogram your mind. It's quite difficult, it's not like you're one day suddenly gonna be like "ok now I'm thinking different". It's unconscious programming that is running in the background subconsciously. The more you think positively and bringing yourself out of it, looking at the good sides of things, thinking of the reason there is purpose and meaning to life, then the easier it gets. It's like lifting weights, thinking of meaning and purpose and giving life these attributes

  7. Time heals everything. Just focus on eating right, exercising, good sleep and meditation. Don't consume drugs or alcohol to numb it, let the process resolve itself.

  8. I've just seen a bunch of his tweets funding Juno, and wandering who the f he is. Hes just saying words, no links or sources to back anything up. Just Self important fud lol

  9. Answer: Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion brand.

  10. Yeah that's creepy af. Wtf

  11. Did you grow up in England? Were you born in England? If not then how could you be English 🤔

  12. What you see on social media is a reflection of what you engage in. You have the power to make any platform what you wish. If it's filled with hate then it's because the algo notices you stop to look at it

  13. My twitter doesn't have any negative hate BS. Because I don't engage in it. That's facts.

  14. What's the goal here? 🤔

  15. Like with anything else, it depends how you use it. I've found and learned valuable knowledge through tiktok, and alternate points of views that you can't find anywhere else. I feel it's expanded my mind and made me less of a narrow minded thinker. It has also given insane amounts of peopel the oppotunity to break from the rat race that society conditions us to take part in, and to pave their own way and make their own livings. A lot of good has come from this app.

  16. Neath waterfalls is beautiful. I always love going along that trek.

  17. OP obviously doesn’t know much about Elon Musk. Probably hopped on the Elon hate wagon and their knowledge stops there. Yeah he’s erratic these days but he’s also a fucking genius and has contributed more to science and industry than just about anyone in the past 20 years.

  18. You mean his engineers have. Musk himself isn't an Engineer nor is he an Inventor.

  19. He's literally the chief engineer at SpaceX. He spends most of his time designing and engineering.

  20. Came here for this. I don't get how this is murdered by words when he's got one of if not the best work ethics on the planet. Like richest man on the planet level work ethic.

  21. Tell me, what was so horrible about the eternity before you were here? I don't know if there's anything after, and to be gone for eternity is quite mind boggling. But as Alan Watts once said something along the lines of yeah it's pretty hard to get your head around being gone forever. But what's more is, how do you think about being nothing forever but then being born? You've already been dead for eternity, and now here you are. So it wouldn't be very surprising if after we die and are dead forever that maybe we'll be born once more. Because it's already happened, so why wouldn't it again?

  22. In USA u have guns everywhere, if u ban it now, ppl will just buy it on a black market. Defo bad guys, so in the end, the good guys will stay with empty hands against bullets.

  23. Many other countries had guns everywhere until they were banned. After a while they become extremely hard to get, especially for random teenagers. Fact is that banning the easy access to guns would actually solve most of the problem, because the evidence is clearly there when you look at every other country on the planet that has done so.

  24. I know what you're saying, but people aren't "just assholes" when they decide to go on murder sprees.

  25. Anything daily is imo heavy use. Your brain never gets a single day to recalibrate. Doesn't matter if it's 0.1 or 1G... You're still putting ingesting a drug every day.

  26. Reddit want Twitter to die so bad for whatever reason. Interesting to watch.

  27. Mostly propaganda imo. Reddit is a tool of the media.

  28. These posts are getting old as f. The entire market is down in a bear market. Alt coins get hit hard, it's as simple as that.

  29. Follow the vaults, carpe noctum, district venues on social media. Also concrete junglists do fairly regular drum.and bass nights.

  30. Satisfying an addiction no matter the drug will always make you feel meditative in that moment. But it's swapped, if you had no addiction that moment is your entire day, not just a small window moment that the drug allows you to have and then the rest of the time it's nagging you to consume it more.

  31. Compared to most of society to eat meat 3 times a day it's very small. If the whole of society only ate it twice a week there's be a lot less suffering in the world

  32. If dunkey says something is bad, I take his word for it. Fundamentally speaking, not saying it can't be enjoyed, but dunkey is woke

  33. I know I crashed into you the other day, but maybe tonight you could crash at mine... ;)

  34. Not your keys, not your coins. CeX are an on/off ramp only.

  35. How is not despising yourself a minor benefit?

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