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  1. If the engie puts up some platforms just below the tips 2 people (one on each side: preferably the engie and scout) can walk around on them and just pickaxe any that pop up allowing the driller and gunner to keep their war crimes going.

  2. I might not have a lot of them, but my nukes are still wär crimes alright

  3. Der einzig korrekte Dip zu Knoblauchbaguette ist Tzatziki

  4. So hab ich das noch nie gesehen 🤔 Aber ja, schon iwie 😅

  5. I think you seriously misunderstood the spaceship one. Lightyear is a measurement that describes the distance light travels over the course of one year in a vacuum. This means you can travel at 8760 times the speed of light.

  6. I think that you don't know how speed affects time dilation. for a human moving near the speed of light, time slows down. Technically at the speed of light time stops but that speed is impossible to reach.

  7. Yes, I am aware, but OP said the ship can reach that speed, so I won't bother arguing on that point. Since it's a spaceship, people are able to travel with it, meaning we can just assume that all issues are accounted for.

  8. Hmm, more choke on MPA... This might work. Just MPA by itself didn't feel great, so maybe I'll try this.

  9. Don't fully agree with his build choice, since at that point you can just take more Pellets and achieve similair results while also sporting more dps against pretorians and so on. It works fine though and I get why he would build it that way. I just don't see myself using that.

  10. I can just use the mind box as a manufacturing facility. Yes, I need raw material, but I can literally turn dirt into gold.

  11. It can be a critique idc and this is not my views on who’s a good person I admit greed is good in some situations after all how’s a starving family gonna eat? You gotta chase that back stuff like that, if you had this stand you could realize that person is doing it for a good cause or whatever and release em. I like this discussion so if you have anything else to add please do so

  12. I think it would be really cool if anyone who receives money from the user without giving them something in exchange was transported to the same fake LA. They take all their money with them but they can only leave the fake LA for a high fee. Casinos, bars, hookers, other prisoners that want to leave but can't afford it, so they steal your money, fake LA has it all. The user can have the stand pay out all the money the people in fake LA spent.

  13. 😭that’s actually a very good idea (can you dm me the full ability?)I want you to check out all my stands lol (should I make new post with your ideas? And of course giving you credit)

  14. Can do. To clarify, should I just reformat your post and modify it?

  15. In meiner Grundschule ist das Gerücht entstanden ich hätte eine Socke von mir auf mein Pausenbrot gelegt und das dann beides gegessen. Selbst eine saubere Socke frisch aus dem Wäschetrockner kann man nicht wirklich klein beißen und ganz runterschlucken ist auch schwierig, ganz zu schweigen riskant wegen Erstickungsgefahr. Ist natürlich bullshit, aber hat sich trotzdem gehalten.

  16. Keine Ahnung, ich hab von dehnen ewig niemanden mehr gesehen, muss ich auch nicht unbedingt. Ich würde mal davon ausgehen dass es ihnen irgendwann aufgefallen ist, oder sie es einfach vergessen haben. In meiner Zeit an dieser Grundschule hat es sich jedenfalls gehalten.

  17. 16 personalities made a test that is a dumbed down version of MBTI. Introversion in the usual sense doesn't translate to MBTI introverts.

  18. Right? Like where do I go to have my birth certificate forged and then I can just tell people I have a phenomenal plastic surgeon.

  19. Only the person who mines the minerals gets to keep them.

  20. Sounds like one horrible audience. Either way, the best way moving forward is to bulletproof your argument by addressing some opposing arguments beforehand for your next presentation. You can then just put up the corresponding slide if someone brings it up again without bringing new insights or perspectives to the table.

  21. I had a lot of rebuttals planned for a lot of the normal things (the foster care system sucks, but my genes/bloodline, etc). They just really got me frazzled with “we’ll run out of people” because of how dumb it sounds. The whole class also clung to “you can’t force people to not have kids” even though I never said anything about forcing people to do anything.

  22. You stroke it. A few seconds in it should increase in size. At least that's how it works for me. Hope this helps.

  23. Man muss bei Konsolen aber auch im Auge behalten, dass man keine Auswahl bei launchern und so weiter hat, wodurch Spiele gerne mehr kosten. Online Service kostet auch. Grafikkartenpreise sind aber so absurd, dass Konsolen auch mit diesen verstecken Nebenkosten günstiger sind.

  24. I understand what you're saying, but hippos only need one hit to beat either of those options, plus hit and run tactics rarely work in melee.

  25. Hippo 100%, the only real issue is going to be the rhino's horn. It would actually be long and sharp enough to hurt a hippo. The other options are no brainers. Get rekt.

  26. Glasses on a woman is super hot.

  27. bingo LOL like I just don’t feel comfortable with these people so boldly assuming some disabled people don’t have a good quality of life! like, I just think some of it is unnecessary hate mongering. I’m not talking about saying “don’t have kids because you could pass that disability on” we shouldn’t have kids for the sake of the planet LOL anti natalism is to reduce suffering but acting like we need to cull them off is a whole other ball game, man!

  28. Disabled people can't do some of the things regular people can do, but the only reason most people are content with what they have is because they lack perspective. So what if I can walk just fine, I can't fly. If most people were able to fly and I stayed the same way I am now they would consider me disabled. I think life as a human is too restricting. We won't ever be able to do some of the things we wish we could even if we put in the effort. In the grand scheme of things the difference between a regular person and a blind person is incredibly small. That's why I don't think disability should be an argument for Antinatalism in the way it is often presented.

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