1. i think the bit they aren't getting is that the main thing people would want to do in a VR world is have kinky sex. look at the internet, it's mostly porn. a successful metaverse would be that but more diverse, much like second life was if we're being honest

  2. Until you can fuck in it or kill in it there's simply no point. If you could do both it would be a killer app.

  3. Is there a reason to not add the food coloring (water base) to the meringue (water base), before adding the butter?

  4. This method is shown at the end of the video OP linked. It results in a more vivid colour than adding the dye to the finished buttercream, but noticeably less vivid than when the same meringue-dyed buttercream is also microwaved. There's a side by side comparison. She only spends about 30 seconds on this, but her speculation/conclusion (if I'm understanding her correctly) is that the ~15% water present in the butter, being trapped in a stable emulsion, is not able to take up the dye the way the water in the egg white does, so it will lighten the colour of the buttercream until you melt it to take it out of emulsion.

  5. I've heard of heating it for better colors but how does that not ruin the buttercream? What's the science behind it? Just curious!

  6. It does 'ruin' the emulsion, which is what allows the dye to impregnate the water for a much much more vivid colour, then you remake the destroyed fat/water emulsion by chilling and whipping it, ending up with minimal loss in volume compared to your starting buttercream. The Sugarologie video goes into detail and shows the process in action.

  7. She's so above and beyond that she's almost beyond sympathy. She is to Victoria what the Triumvirate were to Taylor in Worm, and you didn't really instinctively feel sympathy for them, for the same reason. Where Victoria maintains human struggles and connections that tie her in to the interlinked tapestry of humanity, Valkyrie is on a different order of magnitude, operating in a realm of pure duty, endlessly occupied by impossible missions that only she can perform, her only connections to the spectres conjured up by her power that surround her.

  8. I just like the idea of myself as a writer, you know? Thinking about what type of car I'd buy and how I'd decorate my writing den with all my million dollar cheques once I'm bringing in Patterson bucks.

  9. They never followed up on the missing cauldron vials Number Man was looking for. Don't think we even found out who had them.

  10. Horseman was introduced in an ominous enough way, as Cheit's big bad boogeyman, that I thought for sure he'd become a thing. Maybe featuring in some kind of war on two fronts with Gimel interdimensionally pincered between Shin and Cheit.

  11. Try looking up a recipe for melting moments. It's essentially the same biscuit, but melting moments use cornstarch where yo-yos use custard powder. Custard powder is mainly cornstarch, plus some sugar, vanilla flavouring, and artificial colouring to make the custard look an egg yolk shade of orange. Without that, the melting moments will just be a yellow colour from the butter.

  12. I'd look into pumpkin powder. It's fully dehydrated pumpkin ground into powder. So you can add pumpkin flavour without needing to compensate for all the extra moisture.

  13. Every time I've tried this game I quickly quit because it feels exactly like other MMOs except with less polish. Which is to say...I completely disagree with the premise of the title. SWTOR is very, very much an MMO that will feel like an MMO to people who don't like them.

  14. Yeah. If you've signed an NDA to work on a product, you don't fuck around with that at all. Like, yeah, you might think that you've got a bit of wiggle room or that what you said doesn't reveal anything sensitive, but you're still breaching the agreement and that is always going to be grounds for termination.

  15. Sucks they don't have a union to offer them some protection in this type of situation

  16. Worm: A bullied girl gets the power to control bugs, and her attempt to become a superhero goes awry.

  17. When chocolate is exposed to moisture, the sugar in the chocolate can dissolve into the water, and after the water evaporates the sugar re-crystallises on the surface causing this white bloom.

  18. I suspect your problem is not agitating thoroughly enough, so you're getting uneven crystal formation which is resulting in those blotchy dark spots. Compared to stirring in a bowl, scraping melted chocolate across a marble surface with a scraper, or the circulation performed by a tempering machine, the sous vide bag makes it quite hard to evenly agitate the chocolate inside. Whether you're using a proper sous vide bag or ziplock bag it will be equally difficult to squish around the chocolate inside. One of the tips I read was imagine you've added food dye and you're trying to ensure it's fully mixed through to an even colour - that's the level of homogeneity you want to ensure consistent crystal formation.

  19. I'm guessing the cornstarch + flour is a substitute for cake flour, if this is a pate sablee recipe. It isn't specifically called that, only "vanilla sable". To be honest I don't 100% understand the defining differences between pate sablee and pate sucree to be able to say when something stops being one and becomes the other.

  20. This recipe is relatively low on flour. Usually a shortcrust pastry will be around 2:1 flour to fat. This is 1.5:1. It makes up some of the difference with cornflour, which is not a standard ingredient, but it's still a little low.

  21. This would be a complete nightmare given Google's notorious reticence when it comes to supporting any project long-term and their casual attitude towards making sudden arbitrary changes. Something as straightforward as a minor UI change, or the lockscreen clock change from Android 11 to Android 12 would be extremely confusing. Never mind dropping support for an app entirely. Constant iteration is anathema to what is required by a person in cognitive decline.

  22. Whoever wrote this needs to be wired up with electrodes that make them feel pain every time they type an ellipsis. The trails off awkwardly, rubs back of head, "Sooo, y'know" brand of 'humour' must be purged.

  23. Meringue powder is made from powdered meringue, so it's almost entirely sugar and egg white. Maybe some starch as an anti-caking agent. Egg white means protein: egg whites are about 90% water, 10% protein, various minerals and nothing much else. All of that water evaporates when the meringue bakes. Looking at the label, Chefmaster meringue powder contains per 100g: roughly 64g carbs (60g sugar), 9g protein, and 0 fat.

  24. The recipe I follow is a vague one I found online that I ended up liking, but its basically:

  25. I don't see any problems. And your first cheesecake looked perfect, except for not being blackened enough. If you want a darker crust I think you just need to bump up the temperature by 50-60 degrees. I checked a half dozen recipes and the lowest bake temp was 400F, others were more like 450F. One was 460F for 40-45 minutes until the surface was very dark, then lowered the temperature to 300 for 15 minutes.

  26. The idea that this is 'healthy' is so misleading. Peanut butter and any other form of nut or seed butter including tahini is probably the highest calorie thing in your pantry that isn't a pure fat like oil. Twice the calories by weight of pure sugar. Nuts and seeds are 50-60% fat, very calorie-dense. I hate food influencers.

  27. And, to your point, Spidey's quips were generally in response to his villains playing the straight man.

  28. It's a terrible indictment of the generation of writers aping his shtick, dialling up the dorky quirky dialect to babytalk levels with adult characters that struggle to enunciate a full, unstammered sentence without smiling bashfully at the end of it, that Whedon looks restrained in contrast.

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