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  1. My favorite part is when she tells her parents she’s tamed a humanoid creature and it’s chilling in their barn, and they’re just like “we’ll check it out in the morning!” 😂

  2. Imagine it was just a homeless dude

  3. Right?!? Can you imagine your kid tells you there’s a human “with weird eyes” in the barn and you’re just like…. Ok cool I’ll look in the morning!

  4. It's written like how middle school me would've written a short story

  5. In northern America we got the Wendigo. A person that turns into a deer-like creature when they delve into black magic and cannibalism.

  6. Ive heard of skinwalkers too. Navajo tribe sorcery that turns the person into an animal of sorts. Our natives have similar shapeshifting techniques

  7. skinwalkers and wendigos seem too similar to be different creatures. Is that correct or am I missing something. I know wendigos is like a fixed form while skinwalkers shape shift into anything but that seems to be the only difference

  8. I think it depends. I think they wander about looking for vulnerable people. In my experience I was a Christian and started to turn towards atheism but something noticed my spiritual weakness and immediately attacked me. Little did it know I would turn right back to Christianity and deal with it that way. So I think it matters if there is any around, if they even care about your fate, or something like that. I think they just target insecurities of those around it.

  9. I've been friends with him for more than 9 years so if he were gonna do anything he would've done something by now unless it's some grand scheme but I highly doubt it bc he's protected me from malevolent spirits before

  10. Well demons live forever. And their purpose is to distract people from truth and have people worship it. Its most likely trying to feed off your attention and to make you think it's more than it actually is. So then you'd eventually think of it as a type of deity. I was warned about mine in a series of three dreams, each of which were the kind that felt like you spent an eternity and the last being from the demon. That was the only way I didn't believe it when it said shit like "it was just a dream. You're overthinking it. I'm good. I haven't done anything bad yet" while it actively took over my body sporadically when I talked to a 'certain' friend. Trust me you don't realize its intentions until after so try to have someone pray (to God) over you. You'll realize just how much stress it puts on you. You're the first person I've seen here that has gone through something similar to me and if I were to warn myself back then I would

  11. Hm, I'll look into it more then and potentially see if anything has been causing harm

  12. Just warning you. Probs not your friend

  13. Most my stuff happens during daytime. You've watched too many horror movies. Demons aren't nocturnal I don't think they even sleep.

  14. There are experiments done by authorities on this subject ? ... Never knew something like this is done

  15. Yeah. I found the document on coincidence and now it's a part of my beliefs. They found a dimensional fabric they call "The Absolute" (something they equated with God since it was a sentient, omnipresent, dimension) when they had out of body experiences. They were able to see it because of some veil or "hologram" making us unable to see "entities outside of spacetime". Like all these crazy things found by the CIA of all things. During the 80's too. Like do they know any other groundbreaking things and are keeping it a secret? Because I seriously doubt they found that stuff and were like "nope we're done with that now." But yeah just look up Gateway Experience cia.gov and it should pop up right away

  16. Was that an FOI request or was it just released? I k own they did remote viewing studies, but never heard of OBE work. It's a fine point of difference, it seems.

  17. Well they mention both. Theres a section about remote viewing but it mentions "out of body experiences" more often. Pretty sure they're the same thing. They're both having your consciousness outside your body and being able to see beyond what normal humans can see. So is there a difference?

  18. pov: redditor learns empathy

  19. Get carbon monoxide checked. But yes. Demons are chained to the earth, it does not matter what is on the part of earth they reside in

  20. Well I just think all entities, unless clear otherwise, are demons. I too have had experiences all my life, but most of which were visual. So I have seen was a lot of these things look like and their appearance is always very very weird and diverse. From a 15-20 foot tall green muscular creature with craters in its skin to a floating shadow egg/oval shape with a double halo. None of which were completely human. But they did have things in common such as looking around corners or acting scared and running away. Sometimes literally. Either that or ... Playful? Not trying to hurt but just kind of messing with me. Sad truth is that paranormal stuff is out there, but not the way we think it is. It will probably never get true research on it and people will continue to put their beliefs in these entities. Whatever they are.

  21. Edge of Dildo. That's my Dildo. Dildos by the dozen

  22. Usually there is some sort of background noise like water in plumbing, air conditioning, a fridge or something similar. And sometimes those noises stop and sometimes all at the same time. I think that's what causes that. That or paranoia or both. But humans (and really all other animals) are trained to be very alert when there is silence in nature because that usually means a predator is nearby and the animals that get hunted, like birds, will become silent. So it's instinctual I think. But yeah I've had that happen to me. I think it's a mix of fear and instincts literally saying something isn't right.

  23. Sounds like a demon to me. Why would a dead person go through the trouble of throwing things at a stranger and mark them? Most stories like this just don't sound logical to be a person. Almost every experience I've had with the paranormal I've SEEN the entity. They never ever were human. And in your case it sounds aggressive.

  24. Humans can be aggressive. Especially if they do not like you for some reason and you are in their space. Its silly to believe a negative entity must be demonic. The reality is demons are few and far between. Often this is the result of an uncrossed earth bound entity who is angry with someone being in their space.

  25. Just sayin. My family and I have experienced a LOT of paranormal phenomena. None of which was from "ghosts." I doubt they even exist.

  26. They're very pretty I love the yellow butterfly especially

  27. I’m actually about to post my two other experiences right now I just typed it out!

  28. Luckily I have never actually seen anything all three of my experiences were all audible and very clear. I’m very thankful I have never seen anything that would terrify me lol.

  29. Yeah I wish I hadn't too, but it gives very interesting stories and good inspiration for monster design! But what were your other 2 stories? Any voices?

  30. Sixth Sense, original IT, the Shining, the Thing, Signs. All are ones I liked at that age and still like.

  31. Sprinkle of it in childhood. Buffer period. Then it happened all at once and disappeared just as quickly

  32. I don't think it allowed us to, I think it just didn't realize we'd notice. If it had allowed us to, then it wouldn't have turned away like it did.

  33. I don't know... Spiritual beings tend to act a little starved of attention. Either seeing you saw them and immediately running away from you or just flaunting that they are there.

  34. That's how my experiences were dealt with. (Christian not Catholic). It works that's why.

  35. It was getting worse and worse slowly through my life. A little bit when I was little. Then we moved and through the four years there it slowed down to where I only experienced a couple things there. What I did see there, though, was big turning points in my life. I.e. possession and then getting saved afterward. Than we moved to an apartment where a satanist lived as our neighbor. Not the nice kind. The school shooter sacrificial kind. And paranormal activity was getting more and more frequent and I saw stranger and stranger things until I prayed to God about it for about a week. That week was absolute hell and I could feel a bigger than life pressure on everything in that building. And then poof. No bad feeling, no seeing, no nothing. And my final experience was an invisible hand caressing my cheek and patting my head. Never again have i ever had an experience after that. Feels like i went through a meandering horror movie with a happy ending but i missed out on the actual action.

  36. Yes! And when you hear his voice it feels like something so powerful you just have to obey

  37. "Isn't that just safe bestiality?"

  38. Well I'm just a little skeptical as I haven't seen anything like this happen to me, but I've had dreams of it. Spiritual ones ofc. But you came to

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