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  1. Wasting energy is still wasteful. Its a bit better wasting renewables, but renewables impact the environment too.

  2. Sentiment is if I see one more post about the fucking Merge, I'll merge my fist through the bloody screen.

  3. The latest version of node 1.53.3 actually gives you this. It’s pretty neat. It tells you the current slot, where the head is and what % you are at. I hope Daedalus picks up on a later release on this since it’s running a full node anyway.

  4. Its Daedalus now, just buried in the diagnostics page which most newbs wont see.

  5. No, the real way to stop gripes is to ensure new users understand the difference between light and heavy full node wallets. Most of the time, they dont understand that difference.

  6. Great progress and sorry to lose John to the Algorand team from Cardano. At the same time the scientific approaches of Algorand and Cardano are complementary and I hope more useful ideas are proposed by both to bring the capabilities of the entire space forward.

  7. Not sure I'd put that buttplug up my ass

  8. SPO that do not upgrade need to get their staked ADA relocated. I don’t know if someone made a list of SPO’s that are still on old software.

  9. Its too early for this. If by the time the HFC is confirmed then your SPO has not upgraded, it may be worth asking them if they have a legit reason.

  10. The hard fork will force people to update, as old versions will/may no longer work.

  11. Unless someone forks the codebase and enough pools stake there rather than on Vasil.

  12. You ideally would want to allow inbound connections through your firewall so other SPOs can connect to you, this allows blocks to propagate faster and keeps your node in sync which is important. I would probably put that on a vLAN if it was me, and firewall that from my main network. In theory Cardano is a really secure bit of software, but never say never.

  13. Vitalik running that mouth a lot lately. Maybe after Ripple vs SEC is over & it comes out ETH was falsely labelled not a security, he can have some fun in court too.

  14. The problem is Vitalik premined and sold that ETH in an ICO. It’s not the PoW or PoS.

  15. Depends how the sale was conducted. Cardano took extensive measures to be compliant with the strictest regieme in the world at the time.

  16. And possibly uploading my shitty brain into the Blockchain.

  17. Ethereum will definately not be at risk of a couple of different types of DoS attacks after the Merge. Also OFAC regulators will get a bloody nose as the software most validators use to screw money from users definately doesnt have a list of sanctioned addresses in it.

  18. I have been saying it for years, stablecoins have no place in crypto.

  19. Carbon credits + cryptocurrency. Name a more iconic scam.

  20. https://hydra.iohk.io/build/17428010/download/1/cardano-node-1.35.3-linux.tar.gz

  21. Thanks, finding the right build is hard if you arent intimately following the development.

  22. I loved my Mii, it had real character, not like Zucks monstrosity

  23. If your crypto is patented, get out, its closed source and puts you at risk.

  24. Computers sometimes have a HRNG (Hardware Random Number Generator) that takes some environmental noise to create a random source. Problem with these is when a computer is just started they can have low randomness and also they dont have the capacity to output a lot of random data. Also servers that dont have keyboards/mice attached may be slow to build randomness through these.

  25. Mind control nodes. Make sure your tin-foil hat is properly adjusted and you will be fine.

  26. The new consensus protocol is run from a boat owned by a Nigerian Prince. You convert your ETH to ETH2 you must send physical ETH to the Prince and he will send you 2x the new ETH back, thats literally why its called ETH2 because you get twice as much.

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